How often do we defrag our computers?   Not very often or often.

O&O Defrag

O&O Defrag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is defrag anyway?   Is it like oil to a car?   How far will a car go without oil.

Disk Defragmenter (Windows)

Disk Defragmenter (Windows) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which will burn out first? A car or a computer?  Both objects neglected equally.

Well here is a blog for you.   I once owned a vehicle or rather had one in my possession, many years ago.  This was a Buick Limited,  first edition 1982, blue like the sky would be at times and mine.  It ended up this was my feet for 14-years, my carrier, my way to get anywhere.  I loved that car and actually shed tears when the time came to let her go. Fourteen years are a long time to keep stuff then get rid of it.

Louis Chevrolet driving a Buick Bug in the 191...

Louis Chevrolet driving a Buick Bug in the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of all the years with this Buick I dinged her once or twice actually somewhere in the back of my mind,  it wants me to say three. So maybe I did scratch her a few times but never anything bad where repairs were needed, even though I was minding my own business parking her for a visit, when the car and I were interrupted by this loud thump or bang or big noise then the car and I were not going anywhere. Due to further inspection I found the front passenger side of the car, the front bumper, corner part of the Buick wedged in between a rim on a tow-truck all ready parked.

English: 1958 Buick Limited qualifies for Publ...

English: 1958 Buick Limited qualifies for Public Domain release having received permission to use the image for the purpose of illustrating features of the Buick Limited from Kris Trexler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shit if I didn’t see that coming.  Needless to say, the said driver became quite up-set when he look out his window before he sat down to eat his lunch, and there she was all by herself, as I marched off to hunt down the owner of the truck.

That is just one of my car owning driving stories so you at least know I know cars take oil and can indeed drive very long after the oil runs out. Which causes me to wonder if I never defrag this computer, never ever and it gets old what will happen? Will it just stop one day, or will it drag on like a car without an oil change.


Like my car, just one day it died a few feet outside a garage on the road in the winter on a cold day.. I was very lucky my car was still taking care of me to die just where it did.  The Auto mechanic garage people came over to my aid pushing the Buick into the building. I took a taxi home leaving my baby-car there in the safety of these men, whereupon they worked on it to find out why it died.

English: Oil being drained from a GMC Sport Ut...

English: Oil being drained from a GMC Sport Utility Vehicle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1937 Buick. Limited series - 90. (3593514158)

1937 Buick. Limited series – 90. (3593514158) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Really though, when I returned the next day to pick up my car and pay the bill. The guy did say to me. “How long were you driving this car.”     I said.   “About a year and a half.”     He said.  “Do you ever put oil in here?”     Well with the look on his questioning face,  I quickly figured this oil thing was indeed the culprit.  So I looked real concerned and said.  “No sirree. I don’t touch any of that stuff.”




I guess you have to oil in a car.

So I am guessing you have to defrag a computer.

1958 Buick Limited Series 700 Model 756 2-door...

1958 Buick Limited Series 700 Model 756 2-door Convertible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




IMAG1058the FORCAST today is , now back to the news room. Periods of  RAIN all day. IMAG1059 IMAG1060Wow, if the job was that easy i’d give it a go. But i better stick to doing what I do. IMAG1062 IMAG1063 IMAG1064 Taking crazy pictures and posting to you. IMAG1065 IMAG1066Fun rainy Monday.



Don’t you just hate it when you are caught doing something dumb, of course you did not think it dumb while you were doing it.  For all you knew you were just cleaning up and putting things away. Mainly things you personally did not ake out. But you indeed did help in the pile up of things lying about.


Caught (Photo credit: SabWag)





At the same time you have been known for making things disappear, some times for ever!  This clearly is a mistake on your part. Which is clearly misunderstood by the source accusing you of hiding things no-one will ever see again.

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




You yourself can not deny those facts, because you know when you are holding a foreign object in your hand and have to put it away, you don’t have a clue as to what you are holding or where it should go? So you look around and look for a good place to put it . . .Not hiding it, putting it where you know it will be safe. I do this all the time!, i am told.

Well i have no excuse this time, she caught me being dumb. She said:

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue (Photo credit: Phil’s 1stPix)

“Hey are you doing something dumb again?”                right away i laughed, I guess i was.     She said: So it is you, hiding all the stuff so nobody can find them.”     So i looked up what i was indeed putting out of the way that i didn’t not know what to do with it in the first place, but it had a hook, so i figured i would hang it up out of the way.   She said:  “Oh good one . . .So who is going to know to look under all that?”     I had to laugh at that/rather think of something dumb to say.    Which i did. i said oh i guess ay, i could put it back on the table and put it away another time.     [After i said that,  i realized  i do, i am guilty of ]  People never seeing their stuff again.

Catch on the Fly (Missed)

Catch on the Fly (Missed) (Photo credit: Navdeep Raj)

So now if i can’t find something of mine . .. She said:  maybe it’s with your wallet.”   [I put my wallet somewhere safe years ago.]   Yeah but, why didn’t she catch me being dumb then?


T flip-flop

T flip-flop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I left and came back to find lots of people never knew i left and several people didn’t know i was back.  This felt odd. I thought wow. Not very impressionable am i?  Wow not even missed?



Wow . . .Shouldn’t this tell me something?

Man in flip-flops

Man in flip-flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Jump’ens i’m something like a fish,

Flip Flops, Blue

Flip Flops, Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







A flop: A fish that flip-flops-fish swish swash i’m a swish flip’en- fish swish flop. swap swip swop flop fish.

English: Basic Synchronous counter using JK fl...

English: Basic Synchronous counter using JK flip-flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Did you catch that?                      or miss the fish!

Flip flop swish gone.



Don’t you just hate when you happen to be at somebody else’s home[who you do not know]just along for the ride sort of speak when you have to ask to use their bathroom-washroom-really badly but you don’t say you have to crap-you just ask to go–of course they say sure down the hall to the left—-and you go—Awe—relief-then you see there is no tissue-paper-sanitary-paper—TOILET-PAPER!-SO YOU DRAG YOUR ASS ACROSS THEIR CARPET–then run out the front door-I have-there was no way I was going to lick up all that shit–the way I figured it was-the lady could have told me no she had no paper of any kind-not to go in the house–nor did I have to be dragged from my house to the car to this house-I rest my case–has this happened to you?

Don’t you just hate it when you have to say something like[I don’t know what I was thinking] or [I don’t know why I was thinking] or [why was I even thinking that] or [I thought I was thinking].

Has this happened to you-i’m sure that it has–it happened to me just the other day–I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought it would be AWESOME to strip the bark from all the limbs that I cut of the Fir tree allowing in some breeze-awe so much cooler-but long limbs now needed to be bundled and tied-placed at the road for proper disposal-gone—but out of no where this thinking of de-barking all these limbs-hit me like a rock!—TIMBER–look out below. IMAG0850 IMAG0851

To late-my thinking took over like a mad bull in heat stripping bark like tearing down the straight-a-way-gears full force-took over all other thinking-then it was not long after this illusion of naked wood hitting the markets-getting rich scheme-started to itch–causing all sorts of spiders and bugs to be crawling all over me-in my hair-up my snout-in my ears-then the smart part of my brain-asked my-not thinking-part of my brain–what were you thinking!

IMAG0852 IMAG0854

I am sure it has happened to you.IMAG0858

So I stopped my thinking-cleaned-up & painted the benches instead-smarter thinking.IMAG0827 IMAG0859




One two i buckled my shoe-three four he shut the door-five six i picked up sticks-seven eight-i laid him straight.

Mary had a little sheep i had a dog-Mary got everything she wanted-i got mad-mary took hold of my dog’s tail-i threw the ball.

Pussy cat pussy cat-what did you do-mother is crying looking for you-i shat on her floor and pissed on her shirt-lapped all the milk and shred her new chair-Pussy cat pussy cat run for your life-mother is coming with a knife-I have nine- no time to run-look the warm sun-time to lick my leg.

Birdy birdy in the sky why you do that in my eye-i don’t care -i don’t cry-i’m just glad that cows can’t fly.







A clean freak really me-i can’t even keep my stuff in order–but i found my old teeth-the pair i like to wear for Halloween.

So what if i wash things other people think are out of the ordinary-i like my stuff at least clean.









Just because i like things to stay clean does not make me a CLEAN FREAK!









because i complained about the mess my Doctor asked me-So what are you a clean-freak?









So i said–i’m not rich-i don’t have a maid-and someone has to wash them-so it has to be me–they get dusty and dirty-and these are the air-in-take-out-take-and i pay the bills and when i bought them they were brand-new-clean.

I am not a clean freak!