So i use a DELL PRINTER/SCANNER, which ran out of ink, that i am far enough from a store to buy more ink, i thought i would for the first time order Dell ink off the computer.  So i did, actually impressed with my self for getting it done.

Nuevo moni Dell

Nuevo moni Dell (Photo credit: Manuchis.)






The ink arrived at my place four days later, which is today. October, 9, 2013. Yippie!  I was happy for this as i am days behind on my work, wishing i walked the five blocks four days ago allowing my work to be up to date or a bit more done.

YIP poster advertising the 1968 Festival of Life

YIP poster advertising the 1968 Festival of Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









So now reloading the ink . . .Peel off the little plastic protectors, place them in their slots and click print. Of course this requires TARGET practice with the new cartridges so i follow through with this, allowing the printer to print out an alignment sheet.  NOW here is where i turned into an idiot.  After this step of printing the Target sheet you must then do a scan to make sure that will be right as well.  But for some reason or other i ended up right back to the beginning as the scan continued to say it was not working. There was no way I was going to go through for the fifth time.

English: Poster for The Idiot Cycle

English: Poster for The Idiot Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So me being me . . .Figured i was sent bad ink in bad cartridges and did my best to contact DELL and ask for my money back.   I was very polite and nice and was able to get it all settled with DELL even sending me a link to print out a prepaid return slip.   I was very happy for this service given to me even though i had no ink to print out anything.  So i then went to the store and bought ink, came home and went through step one.  Do the TARGET.  Then do the scan!  Man . . .right away i became silly because this is now going to be my fifth time!

How can i be such an idiot! . . .This time i read the pop-up on the computer screen telling me to USE THE ALIGNMENT SHEET SCAN.          I DID! ALL WENT WELL.  So out of know where i felt like an idiot which caused me to take the newer ink out and try once again with the ink i ordered FOLLOWING ALL INSTRUCTIONS, and it worked.  So like a good idiot i found the phone number of DELL PRINTERS apologizing for my mistake and cancelling the cancellation. Now i have lots of ink and no money. But I did have the best support service any one could have. IMAG1057THANK-YOU DELL




Tom Selleck on the red carpet at the 1989 Acad...

Tom Selleck on the red carpet at the 1989 Academy Awards, March 29, 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Mustache Tom Selleck and look a like for movember. Will the real Tom Selleck please stand up.

TOM SELLECK gave us some very good acting over the years, and during these years he always had a nice neat mustache.


So who is the real TOM SELLECK here

Please stand up.





Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

How odd is that?

A few weeks ago i lost Zemanta somehow . . .Had to be me and my mouse, click  click. To funny . . .Today, click  click. Zemanta is back. Had to be the complaints left in my comments about why do you not have this and why do you not have that or why don’t you do this or that. So i went into my settings, tools, media, links and whatever else. I clicked here, i clicked there, and tried to do the things people wanted me to do . . .Nothing worked as i had no idea what i was

zemanta c´t magazine page

zemanta c´t magazine page (Photo credit: start.upICT)


So i figured i would at least do some blogging as i had not done any for a while . . .THEDOGHOUSE had a new puppy, a tiny baby girl. And low and behold, ZEMANTA appeared with recommended links on both sites. YIPPEE! Pictures . . .People like and want pictures with blogs.


Zemanta Page Widgets

Zemanta Page Widgets (Photo credit: King Molan)




Wow . . .Quite the topic.  Love,  devotion, idiocy, and stupidity.

When does our Love turn to devotion and into idiocy and stupidity. 

" Love is Blindness "

" Love is Blindness " (Photo credit: gmayster01 on & off ...)

I will tell you . . .For some of us we Love so much we are blind to the very fact,  that what we choose to Love,  is not a good thing.  But whilst living in this blinding state,  we become devoted to this thing we latched onto, giving it,  all our attention, and forgetting all else. Then we start doing silly things, that only idiots,  might think of doing, to satisfy  this devotion and then stupidity hits and we get hurt or killed, all for the Love of . . .

English: warning about stupidity

Image via Wikipedia

We forget to understand,  that people do not just come out of the wood-work,  to warn us of things they make up in their heads.  They see what we do not.  And because they are not blind to what we Love they can see and understand what we toss a side as their jealous-ness or something there like that, then we toss them a side, telling them to stop meddling.  [We need to understand people usually mind their own business], don’t they?   Don’t they only step in when they see dangers or something we do not? Sure they do . . .But once we choose to give our Love to something,  it is more than likely,  to late,  to hear anything anyone has to tell us.

English: Monument to the stupidity of lawyers ...

Image via Wikipedia

So we Love the wrong person or keep the wrong pet or go on the trip or get on the wrong plane or what ever our Love holds onto, that other people see as unhealthy, and we devote ourselves to idiocy and stupidity that we normally would not do.

Love is strong.  Stronger than our Love for God.  Stronger than Hercules taking down the great pillars.  Stronger than Arnold lifting, 350 pounds of weight.

Heracles with club, lion skin and golden apple...

Image via Wikipedia

Love can be wacked making us do all sorts of weird things.  Like i Love Blogging to you so i am ignoring my call to the washroom and my stomach and the baby crying and i will finish this no matter what!









English: Hercules_Hatra_Iraq_Parthian_period_1...

Image via Wikipedia


A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

I like it when people give me the opportunity.  As the matter of fact i like it very much when anyone offer me a chance to any opportunity.

Why i was just recently given the opportunity to answer a question and also asking my opinion as to a matter.  Well well . . .It felt  grand that it was me to answer.

But even greater still . . .I would highly recommend to everyone who needed to communicate with the outside world.

I am only saying as i was asked recently

  • What if all of a sudden gravity just stopped?
  • Would we hit our heads on the ceiling?

    English: Composite image of the Earth at night...

    Image via Wikipedia

  • If we were outside would we fall off the Earth?

I’m just saying . . .You know,  they are telling us the

END OF THE WORLD IS COMING. They are basing this fact on the Mayas Calender which is,  to be said,  it RAN out of time for DECEMBER 23, 2012.

I’m just saying that my parents and their parents never spoke about this ending . . .But maybe they just found someone who lived back then, when the Mayans,  walked the Earth, and that person can read the hieroglyphics.

Chaak WallI’m just saying based on agriculture the Mayas all of a sudden were here 300 A. D., and slowly started to decline by the 10th century. Then by 2000 B.C. they were talking and they spread themselves out not world-wide but far.

But a$ far a$ it goe$ . . .DINOSAURS and other PERHISTORICbeings lived on Earth too . . .Where did they go? Could have the Earth stopped before and they fell off . . .Of course the things inside banged their heads and everyone or thing outside fell off.

Various ornithopod dinosaurs and one heterodon...

Image via Wikipedia

I’m just saying . . .At least it gives you something to think about. How many times did the Earth stop. What is the end of the world.

OH yeah . . .The BIBLE . . .It is not as old as these MAYANs . . .But God is.          Never mind then . . .For God said NO MAN {no man}, [no man ], will every predict the END OF THE WORLD. I am Thetaler am I am Telling you YOUR GOD SAID NO MAN will ever predict the end of the world. 

Sun bright

Red sky at night, sailor delight. Red sky in the morning take warning

I’m just saying what is the end of the world . . .Is it when one man dies an other man is born, thus the end of the first man and his world and everyone elses world that knew him quite well and can not bear the brunt of his death, nor carry the burden . . .Something there like that as i myself lost a world where i knew it.   I believe, if many of us believe it is not the end then