A new post.  What will it be. A little of you.  A little of me. But what will this be. Only stuff about you.  Only stuff about me. Stuff?  What stuff about you and me. I don’t know you.  You don’t know me. But i’m sure there’s a lot of stuff about you and me.

We just have to compare.  We compare like this.

Hair. And I am sure you have stuff about your hair you don’t want people to know about. Me too. I don’t ever want anyone to know I got gum stuck in my hair once, to many questions I don’t want to answer so stuff like that I don’t want people to know.

Hands. I am sure there is lots of stuff you did with your hands you don’t want people to know about. Me too.  This one time with my hands I thought I was picking up some food I saw on the floor in the dim hall-way and it wasn’t food at all, now I had cat diarrhea  on my hands and under my fingernails!  I don’t want anybody to know that.

FEET.  What have we done with our feet!  Do we even think to take care of them?

One time with my feet I did a really really bad thing. But that was,  my feet,  and not me.

So now lets talk about you.

How is your hair, hands and feet. When was the last time you took them out for an ice-cream, or a soda, how about hand-cream, a little brill-cream or a little brush, across your toes or a foot-bath. Maybe you don’t want people to know you don’t treat your hair, hands and feet to anything at all, you just abuse them while they grow old doing lots of stuff for you or on their own that you don’t want people to know.

So start taking care of your hair.  Your hair keeps you warm and can also protect you, sometimes it makes you so good-looking.

Oh your poor hands.  What have you done to your hands. They help keep you alive. They can save your life and you can touch nice things with them.

Look at your feet so tired and red feeling like you are standing on bones in stead with your agonizing pain step after step and still you use them like they were hammers, kicking at boxes and things.

Only the stuff about me is,  i’m a dog.  And the stuff about you is,  your not taking care of hair, hands and feet and you don’t want people to know stuff about your body.

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) fee...

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) feet and hands, in Gibraltar Français : Pieds et mains de Macaque Berbère (Macaca sylvanus) à Gibraltar Italiano: Le mani e i piedi di una bertuccia o scimmia di Barberia (Macaca sylvanus) a Gibilterra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






CHILDREN : What is children.  Children are

What we as people put on the face of the earth

CHILD         : What is Child.      A Child is

Human growing out of babe

INNOCENTS: What is Innocent.  Innocent are

The new born

If I was your parent myartscreen, myritingboard would teach and guide you with understanding and compassion. Millions of smiles and tons of laughter. Treating you like a little me deserving gentle scolding piled with Love.

If I was your parent myartscreen, myritingboard would never yell and call you names forcing you to think everyone in your world is allowed to get mad except, not you.   I would allow you to understand we as a parent will teach you there is no need for anger unless a life is endangered.

Don’t cry little child myritingboard understands the innocents in you and where it can be damaged so easily should I falter in thinking you should know better.  I question this, know better than what?  Know better than who?


The adult yelling at you, the one way older than you, the one misguiding you because they have no time or the understanding,  that they were once young too.

what were they like, and who yelled at them or hit them or screamed bad names at them, so they think it is okay to do it to you.

Little child if I could only make you understand it was never your fault just the luck of the draw,  the parents you got so rough on you to have only  the guidance of cruelty to rear you into adulthood with so much hate to offer unto your OWN off-spring.

If I was your parent myatscreen, myritingboard everyday would be a good day even the off days have fun times rolling in and out. Every child in this world deserves all understanding that children are born innocent until TAUGHT to be what the child is becoming.

It’s so hard to mind my business and I would love to wash your parents mouth out with soap  and yell a them and call them names and stay mad at them for hours hammering out the longest speech in the world.   Lock them in a room for days at a time just yelling at them with a loud mic,  saying you are bad you are bad you never listen  you never hear me.  Do you want me to take your car away and throw it in the garbage, how would you like me to take all your stuff away and you have nothing because your not listening to me, Hey would you like that?  I would never stop yelling at them until I got dry mouthed and choked every time I tried to talk.  How would they like that? Then after two hours of yelling at them I will tell them Santa is never going to give them anything ever!,,  And if he does I will through it in the garbage.                MAN!

Young child if I was your parent.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


















How often are you doing something simple, [ like taking apart an empty kleenex-box ],  readying it for the trash when an idea pops into your head,  then, you walk off with the neatly folded kleenex-box?   Where? 

  • Where were you going?
  • What thought took over your mind?
  • What did you do with the little box?
  • What did you do with your idea?

But life is like that, when an idea pops into your head. Now nobody will ever see that little box again.




If you put things back to where you picked it up you WON’T need to clean it up later.

  1. TIME . . .If it took 1 to 10 minutes to pick it up, it will take to that time to put it back when you are finished.
  2. Never be shy to say . . .Please take your mess when you go.
  3. Should anyone leave a mess/clutter/a clean-up, anywhere  around you, SIMPLY ask them to HELP YOU!, clean it up!


Even the large things over the simple things, all wield the same one simple solution.     TIME . . .Everything takes your time, while you are thinking about this, there goes some of your time. You could have been cleaning the mess you left.   Some times, well lots of, people Won’t stop to make the time. [They feel out of time for something else], and will say  {I will do it later}, man . . .Later never comes for at least month or more or never or something there like that. Maybe . . .Children should start out in life knowing the value of time and how it should be used.  That everything in the world is timing.

Solutions for non messes.

  • Have a timer in your home or where ever you are, a watch will do if you remember to take the time to look at it.
  • .Look at the mess in front of you and  put an hour on the buzzer/timer and start! 
  • Turn it into a game . . .Cheat your  time and beat the clock! Looser/winner.   Things look cleaner/ you look happy/no mess no stress/simple

I’m Wasting your time and you are wasting my time and now i have no time to pick-up my mess i will have to do it later. But i will be busy later and will have to do it later-later maybe even Later-later-later, later. . .

Simple solutions take the time now then be off with you, quick-quick you don’t want to be late.



For those of you who do not know what this drawing is, it is a  drawing of the new dog house i would like. I did this BLUE PRINT for my master but he used it to catch the kids paint so it would not stain his table. Not very creative  for a dog, i know. But i tried.IMAG0378-1









WOOF WOOF WOOF . . .If you build me this master, i will help you get this NICE BACKHOE.  It’s a dog’s life.






Well there you have it. The Holiday season is almost past us, well most of us, it is back to work for most here in Canada. The rest of us still have celebrations to carry on until the NEW YEAR.  Where way more people than not have one last celebration to bring in the new year.  Here in Canada this has been a tradition for ever one might say.

Families get together exchanging gifts in honour of each other as did the three wise men with the baby Jesus, give gifts unto thee.  Each of us a child of course at one time or another.  This is the Canadian way to Celebrate the  birth of Jesus the son of GOD. We know no other way. [If there is i do not know it].  This is the way my Grandparents taught my parents who in turn taught me and I, mine. Somebody had to of had taught my Grandparents. Again,  who taught them,  who taught in the first place. The three wise men.

Canadians are strange like that. Then when all the CELEBRATIONS are over and the new year smiles in . . .We as Canadians carry on to our every day chores, whether it be getting up on a daily basis to go to work or sit on the couch and eat while watching the television all day long. We are back doing what we do in life.

Now that CHRISTMAS PAST i can carry on with you. Back to normal for the dog house. But we all know what that is, don’t we. Stuff at means nothing to anyone but myself. Hahahahahaha. Sometimes i sit and dream of what to give you guys next,  sometimes i wonder just how much you guys can take of me.  There too i laugh. {but you know there is an escape button top right corner}, just click it or tell THEDOGHOUSE what you like to read, but nothing to hard . . .Like politics or lots of other things other BLOGGER’S blog about. I only blog about what i know, and that is STUFF about life in General. What can i say . . .I’m a dog and i sniff around.

Christmas Past so how did you do.

  1. Did you hang in and hang on
  2. Did you do your best to keep smiling
  3. Did you take small minutes to speak to your Lord asking to get you through it

Well you made it . . .Christmas past, now make it until next Christmas.



When he came up to close to my window I asked him to stand back he was scaring me. He said he came with a message from SANTA. SANTA will be coming to town to girls and boys and bellow MERRY CHRISTMAS. I said okay, fine, but get back away from my house, you look like a crazy santa and you’re creeping me out.  100_3234 100_3235 100_3236 100_3243 100_3242 100_3244 100_3245 100_3246