A new post.  What will it be. A little of you.  A little of me. But what will this be. Only stuff about you.  Only stuff about me. Stuff?  What stuff about you and me. I don’t know you.  You don’t know me. But i’m sure there’s a lot of stuff about you and me.

We just have to compare.  We compare like this.

Hair. And I am sure you have stuff about your hair you don’t want people to know about. Me too. I don’t ever want anyone to know I got gum stuck in my hair once, to many questions I don’t want to answer so stuff like that I don’t want people to know.

Hands. I am sure there is lots of stuff you did with your hands you don’t want people to know about. Me too.  This one time with my hands I thought I was picking up some food I saw on the floor in the dim hall-way and it wasn’t food at all, now I had cat diarrhea  on my hands and under my fingernails!  I don’t want anybody to know that.

FEET.  What have we done with our feet!  Do we even think to take care of them?

One time with my feet I did a really really bad thing. But that was,  my feet,  and not me.

So now lets talk about you.

How is your hair, hands and feet. When was the last time you took them out for an ice-cream, or a soda, how about hand-cream, a little brill-cream or a little brush, across your toes or a foot-bath. Maybe you don’t want people to know you don’t treat your hair, hands and feet to anything at all, you just abuse them while they grow old doing lots of stuff for you or on their own that you don’t want people to know.

So start taking care of your hair.  Your hair keeps you warm and can also protect you, sometimes it makes you so good-looking.

Oh your poor hands.  What have you done to your hands. They help keep you alive. They can save your life and you can touch nice things with them.

Look at your feet so tired and red feeling like you are standing on bones in stead with your agonizing pain step after step and still you use them like they were hammers, kicking at boxes and things.

Only the stuff about me is,  i’m a dog.  And the stuff about you is,  your not taking care of hair, hands and feet and you don’t want people to know stuff about your body.

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) fee...

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) feet and hands, in Gibraltar Français : Pieds et mains de Macaque Berbère (Macaca sylvanus) à Gibraltar Italiano: Le mani e i piedi di una bertuccia o scimmia di Barberia (Macaca sylvanus) a Gibilterra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Why?  Why is the first question you ask yourself. Then from there you be honest with yourself and answer your question. It is—only you who knows why you feel low-ornery & mean-so don’t punish yourself by way of not communicating with others.

Benny Means

Benny Means (Photo credit: Jason Means)


Yes it is-only you do not think it is—You probably believe you are freeing others by way of your mean old self by staying a lone.   This is a bad thing to do to yourself-you need now more than ever to talk–too anyone-but mainly your Loved one or ones.


communication (Photo credit: flavijus)

So you feel LOW-how low can you go? Is your head on your knees? What is running through your mind as you sit by yourself feeling low and ornery-you must be thinking something or brain dead—which in that case you  just lie in bed. Are you happy here and there or don’t dare to be happy? Do you hold in all your thoughts twisting them into night-mares as you live in your head? Well if you are still reading-you want the help.

If you feel mean is it that you don’t have or get what you want? This does cause people to get mad making them act mean-keeping them mean. Did you know you are acting upon thoughts you can’t find answers to? Do you know that some things just can’t be fixed or changed? Did you know if you search in your head coming out with-out results-that that is your answer-so you carry on with life and every thing around you.

Communicating Doors

Communicating Doors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Communication is what keeps us human and a live-/-dead-beat. What? They call this a skill—communicating-why is it so hard to communicate? I will tell you—-It is hard to communicate at times because you have this feeling that the listener won’t like what you have to say-so you choose to say nothing at all–this is what gives you the feeling of low-ornery & mean.

The only cure is to communicate—just do your best speaking your mind in a suitable manner-honest—-You will feel better

English: Soldiers communicating via Heliograph

English: Soldiers communicating via Heliograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Hi room–and that’s all i got-just don’t want to be out there so i’m in my room on myritingboard where i want to be right now-out there is pretty messy and i really don’t want to have anything to do with it—so if i stay in here maybe it will be taken care of— I’m sick like a dog today–for the last three days-it has been-coughing-sneezing & blowing my nose.

I have no licking skills today-the washroom is licked spotless–that is as far as i am going.

So i am here in the Art by a three-year old /THEDOGHOUSE room-nice and quiet right now–everyone went shopping-big deal—-take 20 hours-please–it’s a whole different atmosphere in here-look around–three in one room-actually more–it is like a little museum of  stuff-if people like to snoop-this is a good start-so many things to look at-wondering why it is kept in the first place–the room is full of peace if you know what i mean–all your thoughts and worries seem to vanish when you step into the room.

Low-temperature electron micrograph of a clust...

Low-temperature electron micrograph of a cluster of E. coli bacteria, magnified 10,000 times. Each individual bacterium is oblong shaped. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Sure is a mess in there though–but it is WAY BETTER than being out there-i think it is that old phobia thing-where i believe that if i touch anything out there i will die-flesh falling off my-frig that shit–I’m sure i have mentioned it before-how i can not start the dishes should they have sat in dish water all day and night and now this day–MY PAWS WILL DIE AND FALL OFF–BACILLUS

    Isolation of Salmonella and E. coli on medium ...

    Isolation of Salmonella and E. coli on medium Rambach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This creates a problem where as i can not venture to the kitchen fear of poisons of rotted food-typhoid-sitting in water and it splashes-sometimes to the snout-somehow i feel safer with dog-poo on me

Escherichia coli: Scanning electron micrograph...

Escherichia coli: Scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli, grown in culture and adhered to a cover slip. Français : Escherichia coli: Micrografia d’escombrat electrònic d’un cultiu d’Escherichia coli. Orígen de la imatge: NIAID Crèdits: Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So i am out of there and apparently going to starve in this room-rather get e-coli or salmonella or what ever else is growing in the kitchen at this moment–So hi room-i’m here for the day-maybe next time 20 hours of shopping is out & cleaning before you go anywhere is in.

MYSELF AND EXERCISE—Kick the kid out.

Cotswold-style morris dancing in the grounds o...

Cotswold-style morris dancing in the grounds of Wells Cathedral, Wells, England — Exeter Morris Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MAY26,2013 SUNDAY.12:45

Today i am going to take care of myself. I am in a room listing to music, exercising, and doing what i like. I really need a lock on the door though . . .Kid still won’t go away.I only kicked the kid out to teach  him that he learn to do as he is told or get out of here. For one thing it is not my kid, though he is my grandson. The kid is three and he has this belief that he get what he wants when he wants it . . .He actually said that. Impressive i know . . .But at the age of three and the kid is still believing it is he in control by the time he is five . . .Look-out, as it is when he does not get what he wants when he wants he is violent.  Violent as in, breaking things, of his and yours, yelling and attacking you with intent. Sometimes the intent hits hard . . .So get out!

Georgian folk dance

Georgian folk dance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So today here i am in this room with the door shut wishing  it had a lock. BRAT! Scream in the hall-way . . .I don’t care, his mom will hear him and freak at him cause she can’t stand whining, and the kid is always whining.  Not my kid. Whine away boy. But out there.  And while he is out there i listen to my music and exercise.  Taking care of myself today.

I used to dance mighty fine where people would watch me, i never moved like others i have this story tell musical lyrical dance  move. But for  a long time now i have not danced. I dance this day. i dance now.

A group of modern Sfakians dancing at Komitade...

A group of modern Sfakians dancing at Komitades, Sfakia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find that is it not as easy as it was way back then when i had ample opportunity for dancing. So fit and trim . . .Not now . . .I now carry the appearance of my dutch grandmother, apron and all. Well today i dance in a room by myself with the door shut, and i will worry about a lock another day.

As for the exercise . . .Exercising is for the experts as far as i am concerned and it would be smashing if i had an expert helping  to get started  until i have a save routine and gained disciplinary action for myself.  For one thing if i do not exercise myself properly i may become really flabby or skinny here and there but not every there. Oh wait a minute i am already flabby.  I forgot for a minute, with all this dancing and  playing with these weights going on by myself,  never mind then. It is quite obvious i have tried to lose weight several times myself furthering my flabbiness, due to lack of discipline, because i honestly believe every time i start to lose weight then quit a gain more something . . .Flab?   Oh and the weights are two dumbbells weighting 5 pounds each.

Scream Blacula Scream

Scream Blacula Scream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh-a-oh but i’m having a good time by myself in this room with the door shut,  as long as the kid stays-out.



English: Tree bark with embedded in .

English: Tree bark with embedded in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a young pup I was taught when stating a Comment, to make sure the said comment had anything to do with the subject as followed.  Other wise, if I barked-out after anything and it had nothing to do with said, I was called names, like IDIOT! What the hell Jesus is wrong with you! Shut the shit-up! Don’t be so stupid! Don’t bark so foolish! [And], who are you talking to?      Mainly my head got knocked, that hurt.

All the Good Shit

All the Good Shit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But come to think of it, I guess I did bark-out the strangest comments here and there, but this is more than likely me trying to get any word in, but this too can be justified . . .Why sit and listen to stuff I know nothing about nor want to know about in silence, just sit there listen and hearing blah  blah  blah people getting loud talking over each other, when I can just bark-out a comment making everything quite?  Okay this quiet does not last long . . .But I got a bark-in.  Plus times have changed no one hits me in the head, they leave strange comments about nothing I said.

English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ

English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stuff about Viagra and other sex shit, stuff about buying homes and the best place to do this. Then insurance butts-in, along with strange language. Idiots! You need a knock on the head! What the hell Jesus are you typing! What the shit is that about!   So I quit reading comments and will turn that part off.

English: Bark details of Silver tree, Leucaden...

English: Bark details of Silver tree, Leucadendron argenteum. The image was taken in San Francisco Botanical Garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • IDIOT!






I just solved my problem.  I never take time to crap!   No wonder . . .Wow, i’m full of shit.

That i had a little time on my hands i thought i would sit and have a break.  As i sat there relaxing something made me aware that i still have not gone to the toilet and as it was, i remembered i was made aware twice before, i still have not gone to relieve myself, is this why i always have un-pleasent pressure i asked myself?   This brought to mind the hospital visit several weeks ago, i woke to not being able to breathe well nor stand-up straight. My brain  became over-whelmed with  how much pain i was in all across my right-lower rib-cage. At the hospital they took x-rays and  two tubes of blood, after they gave me one of their pain-killers . . . In the upper right arm. OUCH! Quite the kick with-drawing that needle. I think with-in twenty minutes or so, i realized the only pain i had happened if i moved.

The Doctor taking care of me said it is the strongest pain-killers out there. I believe it, The needle hurt. An other thing . . .The pain-killer the hospital gave me lasted for Major Hours., it would have been awesome if they would have given me eight of this pain-killer in pill forum, to take home.{But this is all beside the point},  it ended-up i had torn the muscle and cracked a rib COUGHING! Then the blood-work came back along with the x-rays. This is where this all comes together . . .At the hospital when the doctor is reading my results, my blood is good, fine even, but i’m torn and cracked. But he also said. Your bowels  are backed-up. How could that be? I went to the wash-room three times before i went to the hospital. Then he pushed in on my stomach asking if maybe the pain was “here?”  No! it is here,  my rib.

To make a long story short i have heal 98% with my muscle and rib, but it is today that i now realize i am, full of shit! The x-ray tells me so. This explains all the trouble i have with my gut area . . .I do not make or take the time to run to the wash-room when my body tells me to,  i always seem to  busy,  to just stop,  drop and go.

This causes irregular bowel  movements causing the upper belly to give the appearance of being six months pregnant and pushing. So it’s x-rays verses time to run, everytime. but you don’t have to pay attention to this, as the Doctor said . . .I’m full crap! The x-ray wins.Eat me  Eat me




Do you walk around get small amounts of electric shocks, and sometimes the shock is big and it hurts?

  • Do you feel you are being zapped by electricity more than your friends.Everything you touch gives you an electric charge?
  • Is your hair way to static, clinging to your face, flying off on its own zapping you all the time?
  • Do you have little electrical currents flowing from your hair?


Some people place a fitting piece of memory-foam over their matress,  then place a fitted plastic sheet over the foam, then placing clean sheets over the plactic and foam and matress. Not only is this a lot of build-up to create friction it is bad for your back. How is it bad for your back?

  1. Plastic is slippery it moves, it bends and it folds. You lie on these folds, maybe you do not know it . . .But your body feels these crinkles as small as they are.
  2. Depending on the thickness of this plastic, it will tear over time exposing the FOAM making it’s way through the tear, causing a very large rippel in the nice fitting foam, that you do not know you are sleeping on. But your body does. You have backaches.
  3. Plastic will sweat when it gets to warm up against your body, causing you to wake-up wet, thinking if you peed the bed. But your body knows you did not pee the bed. But it is not good to lie in wet sweat. Fungus.

So this is what you are going to do.

  •  Get rid of your piece of foam
  •  Get the plastic off your bed under your sheets
  •  Get yourself a can of de-magnetic electrode spray, and spray the electric currents still standing-up on the matress.
  • Let the mattress dry before you re-sheet your sleeping area.
  • Without the foam and plastic.

Do you get afraid to touch things,  in fear of getting that little wap of sparks, generating from your fingers? And something that small actually hurts.

  • Have you ever said to anyone . . .Hey will you turn that on for me i’m kind of sacred to touch it.? And they look at you really weird, cause you are afraid to touch the light switch, it is plastic, you get a charge of yellow light and  it hurts.
  • Have you ever touched a kid and got the biggest zap, but the kid gets it worse, ouch.  Then they look at you,  like you, did something, but you know it was the kid, sometimes the kid will cry. But you laugh and tell the kid to stay away from you, for ever, walk over there.
  • Have you ever stood-up to shake someones hand receiving, you know what . . .electric shock. Then you both look at each other like, well, you know what . . .Blame. Now to afraid to shake hands. Forever.FRICTION IMAG0361 IMAG0364 IMAG0363 IMAG0365 IMAG0366 IMAG0367 IMAG0368 IMAG0362

You can set yourself free by getting a can of De-magnetic electrode spray. Feel free to touch again with no fear of being ZAPPED!.

I just Love this. Created just for you for my absence.


There is always 


But of course this does not exist, but it would be nice. By the way . . .Removing all this from my sleeping quarters, i was indeed ZAPPED, SHOCKED, ELECTROCUTED and ouching a lot, before i got the stuff off and out of the room. Lets see how life is  now. As i did spray my matress, but with disinfectant spray.