58,488 words and counting/ BUZZER/ INTERFERENCE


Counting words, I have become the word counter! 58,488 words and counting for my Novel called.  BUZZER.

Adding words, I’ve been drinking coffee and smoking my head off to come up with picture perfect words to add to the counted words.

BUZZER,  no time for blogging. No time for eating.  Oh wait, I will grab bread and a coffee while still drifting around in a head full of words.

But I Love it when I get lost in the words I write for Buzzer, it’s the stepping back out that is weird, but at least the stepping out,  is safer than being pulled out, and  i’m sure you writers know exactly what I mean by that, it’s like waking from a nightmare, confused for a bit.

And how horrible can things be to be disturbed, is another thing to understand,

how deep inside the words you are, while playing out in your mind,

then comes the interference dragging your attention out to peer at this intruder which causing you to realize this interrupter is not part of the story don’t attack.  Because in reality,  you are sitting at your computer swimming away through your mind, streaming out words for a hunt,  then the kill,[ which means], you are not in your room at your computer anymore.

You are in your brain-world grueling through madness to get to the kill and there it is.  Then.  “Do you have to go pee i’m taking a shower.”  Comes flying at you from the other side of the door. Then the door opens where they ask once again.

“What?”                 Stuff! . . . Is said like that all the time here at THEDOGHOUSE. I’m lucky I have 58,488 words so far into BUZZER. My first hand at creating a novel and they want to now if we have to pee. Well the Lamb got away! maybe I should go pee jump’ens I have to track through shit again to catch my kill. If I find it!.

The life of a writer is the ringing in the ears and total silent where they disappear.

“No! I don’t have to pee. Where was i.”







Don’t you just hate it when you are caught doing something dumb, of course you did not think it dumb while you were doing it.  For all you knew you were just cleaning up and putting things away. Mainly things you personally did not ake out. But you indeed did help in the pile up of things lying about.


Caught (Photo credit: SabWag)





At the same time you have been known for making things disappear, some times for ever!  This clearly is a mistake on your part. Which is clearly misunderstood by the source accusing you of hiding things no-one will ever see again.

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




You yourself can not deny those facts, because you know when you are holding a foreign object in your hand and have to put it away, you don’t have a clue as to what you are holding or where it should go? So you look around and look for a good place to put it . . .Not hiding it, putting it where you know it will be safe. I do this all the time!, i am told.

Well i have no excuse this time, she caught me being dumb. She said:

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue (Photo credit: Phil’s 1stPix)

“Hey are you doing something dumb again?”                right away i laughed, I guess i was.     She said: So it is you, hiding all the stuff so nobody can find them.”     So i looked up what i was indeed putting out of the way that i didn’t not know what to do with it in the first place, but it had a hook, so i figured i would hang it up out of the way.   She said:  “Oh good one . . .So who is going to know to look under all that?”     I had to laugh at that/rather think of something dumb to say.    Which i did. i said oh i guess ay, i could put it back on the table and put it away another time.     [After i said that,  i realized  i do, i am guilty of ]  People never seeing their stuff again.

Catch on the Fly (Missed)

Catch on the Fly (Missed) (Photo credit: Navdeep Raj)

So now if i can’t find something of mine . .. She said:  maybe it’s with your wallet.”   [I put my wallet somewhere safe years ago.]   Yeah but, why didn’t she catch me being dumb then?



Go a head.

Sit there and ignore me

It’s more than likely it’s a good thing, probably a  safer thing if you know what i mean.

Though nothing is going to get violent unless you make it violent, i’m just going to sit here and talk and there is nothing can do about it. Nothing harmful of course, unless again you make it that way.

Oh please feel free to leave at any moment, i’m used to it, i won’t take offence.

I’m sorry though

this is how i am. I talk. probably because i’m never allowed to. Well people just don’t hear me.

But when it happens to many times in a row, it doesn’t matter where i am, i can’t stop talking until i just stop. It’s not as funny as it sounds and you probably don’t find any of this funny.

But it’s funny to me because i am stuck here with you. You probably think i’m nuts. But i’m not. I’m just not finished talking.

I’m about to laugh now, but not at you.   Me.   Cause i’m out of control and you can’t help me.

[Well what do you think of that]

Poor guy, must of driven him nuts, when i woke-up, he was gone.





Once upon a time running and jumping was all that was done.  Now walking is the only way around.

Once upon a time baseball and basketball was all that was played. Now hide-and-seek along with i-spy are the played games.

Once upon a time things were crazy. Now they are just lazy, CAUSE YOU ARE OLDER THAN YOU THINK.




Okay, so you want my stuff at no cost . . .No fee  shall be asked for of thee.  But hear,  let me reach,  this, [oh pain], and let me reach this, [ouch the pain], my heart and soul.

I only ask,  you use my name,  BY SANYAVERO & THEDOGHOUSE don’t for get PICTURE THIS< no-names.org< After all,  i [write], these things or you. I rite some wrongs, type some songs to do my best to entertain you. Out of faith and out of trust take what you need take what you want . . .But rite the name all the same if it’s okay with you.

BY SANYAVERO & THEDOGHOUSE & Picture this, no-names .org.

So you want my stuff . . .And i want you to be my readers.

You want my stuff then say where you took it from and we will be both happy.

You want my stuff and i want your recognition saying it is my stuff.

You can have my stuff until i tell you, you can not have it . . .Namely by MR. S. STAINES. This stuff is not yours to have nor to hold.

THE END                                                          AND THEN . . .

You can have my stuff like this . . .

There once was a girl with red soft curls and she pooped in the alley, then put it in cookies. She offered it to siblings and their friends, then laughed and laughed and laughed as each bit in, chewing and swallowing then spitting and then.




Twenty-twelve July 21/1:30, the small child picked up a hand-full of un frozen freezes. You say . . .

Put it back or you are going to bed . . .The child is busy glaring at this found treasure.  But then you grab the fragile arm and yell.

I said it three-times and that is it . . .Come on you are going to bed. I don’t care if you are only two, i said it three times and you have to learn. Of course the kid is protesting.

Then you yell, you don’t listen to me, why don’t you listen to me . . .

You forget that you already answered that question yourself . . .

You yell at that two-year old child,  that they, [DON’T] listen,  to you, there for,  in their learning young brain,  you continue to tell them,  not, to listen,  to you.

So,  your even more,  wrong way,  to approach this matter,  by now yelling at your child,  why don’t you listen to me,  is not something you should be asking a child of two. It should be a question you ask of,  yourself.

Don’t worry little ones grama is here.

Try leaving out YOU DON’T, and say,  [listen to me], or [do what you are told] . . .But this must be used as a habit, like finger and nail.

Maybe next time walk over to your baby and kindly take the freezes and ask if they would like one that is ready. How simple for both of you.

Why are  you even YELLING at a two-year-old?



What are rules. Why do we have rules. Who makes rules. When do rules apply. Where is the best place to use rules.

Rules apply for conduct. How you conduct yourself through life. Rules are a guide line to live by. Without these rules life would not be as you know it. Life would be dangerous like way back before your parents were born. Life back then,  was,  to do as you like, even if it ment killing anyone for an apple or a drink of water or a piece of paper to wipe your bum. You were able to do as you wanted and no one could stop you unless they killed you. If you wanted something you could take it no matter who it belonged to. NOT TODAY. Rules apply.

English: we don't like to make rules but...

English: we don’t like to make rules but… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do we have rules . . .If you read up-top, that is why. So you can not do what you want and have what you want by killing and taking. For all any of us now, living, people,  know . . .We would not be here today if there were no  RULES. Maybe back then,  a BIG BULLY wanted something your grand-parents had and  killed them for it. We need rules don’t we.

Who made these rules. A group of kind-hearted people. Or just one man who loved and lost his love over a taking of something that was not to be taken.  People with POWER. People who were not afraid of evil. People who said enough is enough. People who wanted to live happy and free.

When do rules apply . . .As soon as you wake from your nightly sleep, all day long until you re-sleep.

Science rules

Science rules (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where is the best place to use rules . . .Silly question really. EVERYWHERE.

Hear, is a list of rules to follow by.

  • Mind your own business.
  • Live and let live.
  • Respect your elders.
  • Clean-up after yourself.
  • Obey your parents.
  • Work for what you want.
  • No spitting.
  • No fowl language.

    Training Rules

    Training Rules (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a rule everywhere you look whether you like it or not, but that is life no matter how you choose to live it. RULES.