A new post.  What will it be. A little of you.  A little of me. But what will this be. Only stuff about you.  Only stuff about me. Stuff?  What stuff about you and me. I don’t know you.  You don’t know me. But i’m sure there’s a lot of stuff about you and me.

We just have to compare.  We compare like this.

Hair. And I am sure you have stuff about your hair you don’t want people to know about. Me too. I don’t ever want anyone to know I got gum stuck in my hair once, to many questions I don’t want to answer so stuff like that I don’t want people to know.

Hands. I am sure there is lots of stuff you did with your hands you don’t want people to know about. Me too.  This one time with my hands I thought I was picking up some food I saw on the floor in the dim hall-way and it wasn’t food at all, now I had cat diarrhea  on my hands and under my fingernails!  I don’t want anybody to know that.

FEET.  What have we done with our feet!  Do we even think to take care of them?

One time with my feet I did a really really bad thing. But that was,  my feet,  and not me.

So now lets talk about you.

How is your hair, hands and feet. When was the last time you took them out for an ice-cream, or a soda, how about hand-cream, a little brill-cream or a little brush, across your toes or a foot-bath. Maybe you don’t want people to know you don’t treat your hair, hands and feet to anything at all, you just abuse them while they grow old doing lots of stuff for you or on their own that you don’t want people to know.

So start taking care of your hair.  Your hair keeps you warm and can also protect you, sometimes it makes you so good-looking.

Oh your poor hands.  What have you done to your hands. They help keep you alive. They can save your life and you can touch nice things with them.

Look at your feet so tired and red feeling like you are standing on bones in stead with your agonizing pain step after step and still you use them like they were hammers, kicking at boxes and things.

Only the stuff about me is,  i’m a dog.  And the stuff about you is,  your not taking care of hair, hands and feet and you don’t want people to know stuff about your body.

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) fee...

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) feet and hands, in Gibraltar Français : Pieds et mains de Macaque Berbère (Macaca sylvanus) à Gibraltar Italiano: Le mani e i piedi di una bertuccia o scimmia di Barberia (Macaca sylvanus) a Gibilterra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Make sure you wash the bird very well

Washed and clean ready for stuffing








This stuffing is made with, potatoes, bread, onions, Sage, salt, pepper

ready to stuff the bird








Family secret . . .Milk and watered jello

Lobster balls anyone?







Stuffed Turkey

The turkey is now stuffed with the mixture up above, sitting in water, onion, salt & pepper

The bird is stuffed and the neck area is sewn up.








Potatoes, turnip, carrots, corn

Read to cook








Table dressings

Chopped cheese, cranberries, pickles, hot-peppers

Side dishes






Company and eating


Okay everyone stuff your face







  1. I Love to eat spinach.     

Spinach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Love to eat spinach for a few good reasons,  some,  have just entered my head, if a man can’t eat spinach when he is living,  how the hell can he eat it when he is dead.

  1. I believe it gave Popeye his strength.
  2. I believe green leafy vegetables help give you life.
  3. I believe when cooked,  it tastes like beet tops.
  4. I Love beets.

    A dozen boiled eggs with lion marks visible in...

    A dozen boiled eggs with lion marks visible in a saucepan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Love to eat eggs for a few good reasons and some have just entered  my head. If a man can eat eggs when he is living, how the hell can he eat them dead.

  1. I believe eggs are good for you if kept natural.
  2. I believe a boiled egg  a day is healthy and lean.
  3. I believe yellow and green look nice together.
  4. I Love spinach omelets.

    Meant To Be Dinner: Cheese Board

    Meant To Be Dinner: Cheese Board (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)

I Love to eat cheese for a few good reasons and some have just entered my head. If a man can’t eat cheese when he is living, how the hell can he eat cheese when he is dead.

  1.   I believe real cheese is extremely good for you.
  2. I believe the taste of different cheeses taste like heaven.
  3. I believe  i love the color orange. I Love cheese spinach omelets.
  4. I Love to cook and eat.

Here is my home-made cheese spinach omelet.

I made sure i cooked enough for three plates, of course one plate was for a two-year old.   Here is what i did. I turned the stove on medium hot. Placed the pan on the stove,  AFTER,  i washed and broke the spinach.   Then i work fast not to burn the pan  but make sure it is HOT, then add a little amount of butter,  as it melts,  i work fast, then i spray the hot pan with a cooking spray,  and work even faster,  not to burn the butter.   Then when all is well,  i dump in the mixture.

  • I washed one hand full of fresh spinach, then broke the leaves in pieces.
  • I cracked five large eggs in a large bowl and beat them long.
  • I added salt and pepper and garlic powder.

    Omelet with spinach

    I Love spinach in my egg and cheese.

  • I beat the eggs more.
  • I add the spinach and beat more.

Then i pour all the mixture in the hot pan and wait a minute for the bottom to cook then,  i turn over the omelet and add the cheese.

Then i turn the heat down. When the cheese starts to melt i turn the stove off.


One for me, one for you, and one for uncle Sammy.

Me . . .I do not wait for the omelet to get warm i take it hot and do my best to eat it hot.  My  my   my . . .So good and good for you.




I Love food,  and i was raised up,  that one should not waste food.  To eat everything on your plate. That there are children with no food at all.

To take what you eat . . .Eat what you take.


No gramma, mine.

So you would not,  will not,  see me,  waste any food at all.  As the matter of fact,  i Love to lick my plate clean,  if i really liked what was on my plate,  that is.


You would never see me looking like this.


Want some gramma