CHILDREN : What is children.  Children are

What we as people put on the face of the earth

CHILD         : What is Child.      A Child is

Human growing out of babe

INNOCENTS: What is Innocent.  Innocent are

The new born

If I was your parent myartscreen, myritingboard would teach and guide you with understanding and compassion. Millions of smiles and tons of laughter. Treating you like a little me deserving gentle scolding piled with Love.

If I was your parent myartscreen, myritingboard would never yell and call you names forcing you to think everyone in your world is allowed to get mad except, not you.   I would allow you to understand we as a parent will teach you there is no need for anger unless a life is endangered.

Don’t cry little child myritingboard understands the innocents in you and where it can be damaged so easily should I falter in thinking you should know better.  I question this, know better than what?  Know better than who?


The adult yelling at you, the one way older than you, the one misguiding you because they have no time or the understanding,  that they were once young too.

what were they like, and who yelled at them or hit them or screamed bad names at them, so they think it is okay to do it to you.

Little child if I could only make you understand it was never your fault just the luck of the draw,  the parents you got so rough on you to have only  the guidance of cruelty to rear you into adulthood with so much hate to offer unto your OWN off-spring.

If I was your parent myatscreen, myritingboard everyday would be a good day even the off days have fun times rolling in and out. Every child in this world deserves all understanding that children are born innocent until TAUGHT to be what the child is becoming.

It’s so hard to mind my business and I would love to wash your parents mouth out with soap  and yell a them and call them names and stay mad at them for hours hammering out the longest speech in the world.   Lock them in a room for days at a time just yelling at them with a loud mic,  saying you are bad you are bad you never listen  you never hear me.  Do you want me to take your car away and throw it in the garbage, how would you like me to take all your stuff away and you have nothing because your not listening to me, Hey would you like that?  I would never stop yelling at them until I got dry mouthed and choked every time I tried to talk.  How would they like that? Then after two hours of yelling at them I will tell them Santa is never going to give them anything ever!,,  And if he does I will through it in the garbage.                MAN!

Young child if I was your parent.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



















I’m taking the day off and talking to you.So much stuff comes at you all at once leaving not doing anything but write. Love to talk but if i am in THEDOGHOUSE all the time i have no one to talk to. Leaving me to write to you. So . . .

Today this day how are “you”!  I myself just came in from doing my best at riding a plastic tube down the slide that was made , for the children.  But you know how it is when you were a child and all the fun you would have sliding. I had to give it a go for myself and play with the children.

After several funny attempts i somewhat made it down the little slide of packed snow. Twice. Off to the side both times.

[Those pictures were not taken], but they should have been then you would seen the dangers i took  to play with the kids, like a child.  But i did it and it was fun.  Of course,  due to my size and weight,  i somewhat destroyed the way-up the kids had going on,making it harder for them to get-up. We took turns.

But i laughed like the kids. So that is how i am to-day. Happy and still giggling at how hard a time i had just getting up to slide down. Everyone eye-sight had a jolly laugh mainly the children.  Now its back to work what ever that is for me. This is STUFF THEY GET ME TO DO . . .”There lick this up that’s a good boy”.  Or master calls me over to fart, asking me. ” Here boy can smell that”. So the way i figure it is this is one of those days where i am taking it off and wait for master to call. I mean it is not like i am a sheep-dog or nothing. Run all day chasing sheep, staying a circle, ready to run should one leaves. [Look at that now], some of the other sheep start to wonder off.  

LITTLE BOPEEP IS STILL LOOKING. This is good for the sheep-dog though, cause he knows when she {Bopeep} gets back, shit is going down. 

Odd what people do for a living, what do you do. I once worked in a Hospital-Laundry, basement place.  Great way to meet lots of dogs and cats,  bowwow. 

That was my name-got to go.

WOOF WOOF WOOF  BARK  {meaning} remember to SMILE AT NOTHING

Today i talk to you

Today i talk to you

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When i was but a young boy it was always in my head learned resources taught me well.

I’m just a girl,  kind of mixed-up, sometimes i get crazy, sometimes i get mad,  look out now,  i’m a  man, just a girl my resources taught me well

My resources  taught me well


Just a starlet

I get crazy,  from time to time, i remember back then,  i’da clock you out,  and back then, resources came out,  posing like a big man, just a girl in a strut like a big man, but just a girl

My resources taught me well

with the boy in my head, playing back then, when i’m just a girl and it’s all in my head when i was a good boy way back then in my head, i’m just a girl i learned resources, kept it all stored

up in my head

when i’m with you,  in my head now a man, i stand instead

I’m just a girl,  i can’t keep-up,  what’s a head of me, holding back

stay the man,  in the girl,  the boy that you were, hold up your head, keep your guard do your best,  look your prettiest,  your the man with resources from that boy, that you were way back then         

I’m just a girl

out of my head being the boy that which i grew not even you i’m just a girl, just a girl, with resources. from the boy that i was

a good boy

in my head once again you pissed me off just a girl

now a man who takes a stand wacked and crazy guards his post but just a girl,  then the boy,  steps out,   back away, time is ticking clock out

I get crazy     when i’m nuts   resources come crashing in

When i was but a young boy,   it was always   in my head i’m just a girl. I get crazy but it’s the young boy & his resources in my head

{Odd what i choose to share with you my readers}, but oddly enough, you are the only people who i think listen to me rather the people around here.  Alarmingly enough these here people don’t listen to a word i say, let alone allow me any air time that i flap my lips. So my only option is to have you people

Oh joy    some of you may be thinking-while i am laughing-i have you the people  to blab away at.

[But in all fairness i think it is safe to say i have but offended one or two readers up until now], never ment to,  but this is sad.


The resources,   in my head   from the boy way back then, in my head, i’m a girl,  but a boy & his resources

That i was,  but just a girl, & his resources, from way back then-now a man here i stand i’m just a girl.

I’m just a girl

I’m just a girl

I’m just a girl the young boy and his resources i get crazy in my head

i get crazy      inmyhead

one two three go,  from the boy,  that i was,  way back then

The young boy song     & his resources.










Pencils Dicks or lunatics, spaced out people or drunks.

As long as these types of character’s are harmless liking them all sounds fun. Five minutes of their time will last a life time-as you will never forget your meeting.

I was in the same room with a lunatic once and it was not funny at all this person could hear their brother talking from the other side of the moon. [Scarry] Exit left stage and i’m outta of there.

I was once stuck with a drunk person once and for the first five minutes it was rather funny, then things got out of hand as they almost burned down the kitchen wanting to B-B-Q stake!  Yes! Inside. Try telling a drunk The B-B-Q belongs outside.

As for being stuck with a person who is spaced out  at the time? That gets a little Harry especially if this person is thinking someone is out to get them. YOU! Even . . .This starts out somewhat funny but Quickly turns into a night-mare when he/she thinks you are there to hurt them in some way. Or they Hari you to death . Or want to play I-Spy. [You are never going to see what they are seeing  so forget it]. It is not fun anymore when they get up set, [ you still can’t guess what they are seeing].  It’s GOD  I see GOD.   Okay exit left stage outta there.

Now a pencil dick? . . .To be around a pencil dick and have the most fun you have had in a long time.  Pencil-dicks are and happen to be fun people to be with. This is a guarantees you now they allow you to call them [PENCIL-DICK],  in the first place.  Meaning they like to clown around keeping things fun, jolly and easy-go-lucky. But don’t confuse yourself thinking these kind of people are dumb and know nothing . . .They know plenty they also know their limit as to how far you are willing to push them into amusing you. Quite pleasant people the pencil-dick people.  Smart too.

So there you go . . .Funny things




Apparently here in THEDOGHOUSE we don’t take things as seriously as we should, to busy with rolling in the grass and sniffing each others ass, we have it made.  But when the food runs out.

  1. That is when things are pretty apparent, or should be. Life is easier sniffing the ground. To run around.  Keeping busy. Laughing in my mind, having a great time. But when the food runs out. But when the food runs out.

Things are pretty apparent when a child is standing,  the rain,  to fly a kite. He doesn’t understand why,  no one runs and  plays. But he still wants the kite to fly. In the rain coming down on his head. In the rain.

Things are pretty apparent when the child walks off to play, on his own  head down dragging  kite.  Calling,  come and run [come and run] come and run [ come and run]  fly the kite.

But when the food runs out [all the food runs out] things are pretty apparent when you keep life out. I sniff the ground. Know who is around. Things are pretty apparent when

Things are pretty apparent when

Things are pretty apparent when.

Things are pretty apparent when.  The food runs out,  apparently,  the food runs out pretty apparent.  nothing is flying. And it’s raining. Child is standing. Holding his kite.  Holding it tight.  Fly away kite.   Fly away kite.

Things are pretty apparent when. THINGS ARE APPARENT WHEN Things are apparent when.

This was inspired by an actual child

being the dog that i am

i left him standing in the rain

with his kite

he would not understand

windless rainy day

he stayed out  walked his kite it would not fly.

Things are pretty apparent when. Walked his kite it would not fly he stayed outside.

hope this is to your likings. Sorry there is no sound, acoustic amplified strumming and a voice.