A new post.  What will it be. A little of you.  A little of me. But what will this be. Only stuff about you.  Only stuff about me. Stuff?  What stuff about you and me. I don’t know you.  You don’t know me. But i’m sure there’s a lot of stuff about you and me.

We just have to compare.  We compare like this.

Hair. And I am sure you have stuff about your hair you don’t want people to know about. Me too. I don’t ever want anyone to know I got gum stuck in my hair once, to many questions I don’t want to answer so stuff like that I don’t want people to know.

Hands. I am sure there is lots of stuff you did with your hands you don’t want people to know about. Me too.  This one time with my hands I thought I was picking up some food I saw on the floor in the dim hall-way and it wasn’t food at all, now I had cat diarrhea  on my hands and under my fingernails!  I don’t want anybody to know that.

FEET.  What have we done with our feet!  Do we even think to take care of them?

One time with my feet I did a really really bad thing. But that was,  my feet,  and not me.

So now lets talk about you.

How is your hair, hands and feet. When was the last time you took them out for an ice-cream, or a soda, how about hand-cream, a little brill-cream or a little brush, across your toes or a foot-bath. Maybe you don’t want people to know you don’t treat your hair, hands and feet to anything at all, you just abuse them while they grow old doing lots of stuff for you or on their own that you don’t want people to know.

So start taking care of your hair.  Your hair keeps you warm and can also protect you, sometimes it makes you so good-looking.

Oh your poor hands.  What have you done to your hands. They help keep you alive. They can save your life and you can touch nice things with them.

Look at your feet so tired and red feeling like you are standing on bones in stead with your agonizing pain step after step and still you use them like they were hammers, kicking at boxes and things.

Only the stuff about me is,  i’m a dog.  And the stuff about you is,  your not taking care of hair, hands and feet and you don’t want people to know stuff about your body.

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) fee...

English: Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus) feet and hands, in Gibraltar Français : Pieds et mains de Macaque Berbère (Macaca sylvanus) à Gibraltar Italiano: Le mani e i piedi di una bertuccia o scimmia di Barberia (Macaca sylvanus) a Gibilterra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






A clean freak really me-i can’t even keep my stuff in order–but i found my old teeth-the pair i like to wear for Halloween.

So what if i wash things other people think are out of the ordinary-i like my stuff at least clean.









Just because i like things to stay clean does not make me a CLEAN FREAK!









because i complained about the mess my Doctor asked me-So what are you a clean-freak?









So i said–i’m not rich-i don’t have a maid-and someone has to wash them-so it has to be me–they get dusty and dirty-and these are the air-in-take-out-take-and i pay the bills and when i bought them they were brand-new-clean.

I am not a clean freak!







IT IS WHAT IS UNDER THE CLOTH YOU MUST LOOK AT [ i’m not talking naked body i am SAYING the mind].

have you ever asked what is in the mind behind the clothing. Who really is this person. Do they dress like this, all the time.  Do they have cloths like ours that they use as rags, stuff to put on when they are cleaning per say.

Inside a person’s mind {at times}, requires them to wear for the act they are doing or getting ready to do at the time. [Maybe to get the point across] faster. Rather try to convince you { in his/her/ rags/just plain old cloths, that they are your lawyer, or your nurse, dentist, The police, a fashion designer,a prostitute, Doctor.{This is how long it will take for this plain clothed person scratching their head Trying their best to make you believe they are who they say they are.

INSIDE A PERSONS MIND They need the cloths to convince.{You know, to help them look like who they say they are}. [next line]

Now we get to the people who need the cloths to pretend they are happy. {But only for that time}.   [you know, when the pleasing is over the cloths get put away until needed again.  These people are not in their right mind and NEED HELP. [number one sign].

inside a person’s mind when all caring shuts down they, [ well some people], wear the same cloths day after day, until they need the cloths to convince  others they appear fine. Some people do not have a choice to pick the cloths as there are none to very little to offer. {This apply to the people living on the street other people call bums, low lives, scum and other fashionable names to fit the cloths upon one back.

Inside a person’s mind you will find it is not a good place to be.

So i will wash change my cloths as i have to go out and pretend i am just like everyone else, what ever that may be. Sure to please everyone around me. Except other dogs . . .They are laughing giving whispers and looking at me.

Master made me wear a big Red Neck Tie!






  • Well here we have it . . .Fat and Flab. Boo. What do we do,  when we are nothing but flabby and or fat.  WE have choices of course.
  1. Care
  2. not care
  3. sit and eat
  4. exercise and eat proper
  5. or buy bigger cloths.
  • What happens if we just don’t care,  but deep down we cry at ourselves,  wondering how and when we got this size.
  • What happens if we just don’t care , but deep down we cry because we know it is the cause of our health problems.
  • What happens if we just don’t care, but we really do . . .

Hear . . .This is what happens.  We quit on ourselves,  blaming everything else, [i do]. And i am sure we all do.   I am not saying we have to be skinny! THAT IS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL. THAT IS JUST AS DANGERIOUS, as being fat. 

FLABBY, is just lose skin,  and i am terrified of this flabby stuff. I have lots all ready.  And no matter who i blame,  i know deep down,  i am responsible for my size.  I just don’t know what to do about it now, because now,  i am afraid i let my body get fat, to many times, stretching  out my skin over six or seven times.

FAT and Flabby and The Eye Of The Beholder.  I guess it is how we present ourselves.  We can dress very pleasing to the eye no matter how big we are.  This all depends on the beholder and how shallow their insight is. SURE WE ALL WANT ATTENTION FROM SUPER HERO BODIES.  But what the hey man . . .I have come across some of these hot bodies and they are into themselves anyways.  So  what is the big deal wanting a super body to want you, to have and to hold.  Love is inside not outside.  But getting back to being fat and flabby . Ouch> we have to eat different and workout.  BUT . . .This MUST, be done properly or it turns to flab.  I know . . .As i am five four and weigh 175 lbs.  Shame on me, not you. I said shame on me. I let myself get this way and now i have sore knees and heavy on my feet and all my cloth fit someone else. But i have no one,  and i use that for an excuse to stay fat and flabby. If i would only realize that if i tried to lose some of this i may meet a nice person and or maybe lose more . . .But look what i am doing . . .I am again using the fact that maybe a relationship will force me to lose poundage. WHY?

WHY am i using, [ if i had a friend ]?  Why can i not just lose it for me?  I know why . . .[ What for ].  I don’t feel important to me  to care, to do hard-core exercise for 30 extensive minutes.  Plus what kind of hard-core exercise,  do i do,  that will not cause,  all this stretched out skin,  full of fat,  not to FLAB-out.   They tell me after a certain age skin can  not shrink.  PLUS it is not fun exercising alone.  To join a gym is to have play money, as spas and gyms are costly.

IF I AM THE ONLY BEHOLDER UPON MYSELF WILL I FIND MYSELF A PLEASURE TO LOOK UPON?    NO . . .I blame everything that i can and just go on with what i do.  Which is wishing i never let myself go in the first place.  I Blame an injury . . .I blame him . . .I blame the cook . . .I blame you . . .I BLAME EVERYONE BUT ME.  Because is that my fault too? 





Why did i let myself go . . .Alone i guess.



We spend so much time on  BEAUTY  we forget what is important.  We only have ONE  life to live devote it to FASHION and it’s TREND.

I sometimes wonder how it worked out with the cavemen.  This  Beauty  Fashion   &   Trend.  Did they even get to wash?   I’m sure they did, just not often, lack of


Can you love me

plumbing supplies i guess.   But not if a body does not look like a hungry model, nobody wants to touch it.   Maybe there is too many people  for each other so we use each other sparing, a dime a dozen or something like that there.  Forgetting all about love but not the sex and lust.  Which of course if you get or have the sex or lust, chances are you fit into the categories of Beauty, fashion and Trend.

There is so much love out there with no place to go, people just throw it away,  when it reaches out to them. I am sure if you put it in their hand they would drop it,  cause they don’t know they have it or what it is, or something like that there. Love is easy yet so hard to get.

We love our cars, our hats, our shoes, our baseball bats, when we should love each other. I know because i  search for it, as i am sure so do plenty of people, the ones that don’t follow the trendy beauty of fashion.  I would love to meet a caveman, i would even change my name to [ Jane ]. I  am sure she was really pretty sitting in the sunlight raking a fish bone through her hair for her [Tarzan ].

Of course this brings me back to MONEY, if you don’t have it you cannot afford the fashion of trendy beauty to find love, or something there like that.  Is love money?   I know we love money.  And how many of us are willing to fall in love, build a life, with someone who has never any money.  You, the willing,  are the very people who know what love is, hats off to you.