58,488 words and counting/ BUZZER/ INTERFERENCE


Counting words, I have become the word counter! 58,488 words and counting for my Novel called.  BUZZER.

Adding words, I’ve been drinking coffee and smoking my head off to come up with picture perfect words to add to the counted words.

BUZZER,  no time for blogging. No time for eating.  Oh wait, I will grab bread and a coffee while still drifting around in a head full of words.

But I Love it when I get lost in the words I write for Buzzer, it’s the stepping back out that is weird, but at least the stepping out,  is safer than being pulled out, and  i’m sure you writers know exactly what I mean by that, it’s like waking from a nightmare, confused for a bit.

And how horrible can things be to be disturbed, is another thing to understand,

how deep inside the words you are, while playing out in your mind,

then comes the interference dragging your attention out to peer at this intruder which causing you to realize this interrupter is not part of the story don’t attack.  Because in reality,  you are sitting at your computer swimming away through your mind, streaming out words for a hunt,  then the kill,[ which means], you are not in your room at your computer anymore.

You are in your brain-world grueling through madness to get to the kill and there it is.  Then.  “Do you have to go pee i’m taking a shower.”  Comes flying at you from the other side of the door. Then the door opens where they ask once again.

“What?”                 Stuff! . . . Is said like that all the time here at THEDOGHOUSE. I’m lucky I have 58,488 words so far into BUZZER. My first hand at creating a novel and they want to now if we have to pee. Well the Lamb got away! maybe I should go pee jump’ens I have to track through shit again to catch my kill. If I find it!.

The life of a writer is the ringing in the ears and total silent where they disappear.

“No! I don’t have to pee. Where was i.”





JOKE OF THE DAY/Thursday June 6, 2013


How do you know you when you lose your followers?

Turn around and see who is behind you

Yeah but i’m in the bathroom

Shits to be you then doesn’t it.



One two i buckled my shoe-three four he shut the door-five six i picked up sticks-seven eight-i laid him straight.

Mary had a little sheep i had a dog-Mary got everything she wanted-i got mad-mary took hold of my dog’s tail-i threw the ball.

Pussy cat pussy cat-what did you do-mother is crying looking for you-i shat on her floor and pissed on her shirt-lapped all the milk and shred her new chair-Pussy cat pussy cat run for your life-mother is coming with a knife-I have nine- no time to run-look the warm sun-time to lick my leg.

Birdy birdy in the sky why you do that in my eye-i don’t care -i don’t cry-i’m just glad that cows can’t fly.





MYSELF AND EXERCISE—Kick the kid out.

Cotswold-style morris dancing in the grounds o...

Cotswold-style morris dancing in the grounds of Wells Cathedral, Wells, England — Exeter Morris Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MAY26,2013 SUNDAY.12:45

Today i am going to take care of myself. I am in a room listing to music, exercising, and doing what i like. I really need a lock on the door though . . .Kid still won’t go away.I only kicked the kid out to teach  him that he learn to do as he is told or get out of here. For one thing it is not my kid, though he is my grandson. The kid is three and he has this belief that he get what he wants when he wants it . . .He actually said that. Impressive i know . . .But at the age of three and the kid is still believing it is he in control by the time he is five . . .Look-out, as it is when he does not get what he wants when he wants he is violent.  Violent as in, breaking things, of his and yours, yelling and attacking you with intent. Sometimes the intent hits hard . . .So get out!

Georgian folk dance

Georgian folk dance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So today here i am in this room with the door shut wishing  it had a lock. BRAT! Scream in the hall-way . . .I don’t care, his mom will hear him and freak at him cause she can’t stand whining, and the kid is always whining.  Not my kid. Whine away boy. But out there.  And while he is out there i listen to my music and exercise.  Taking care of myself today.

I used to dance mighty fine where people would watch me, i never moved like others i have this story tell musical lyrical dance  move. But for  a long time now i have not danced. I dance this day. i dance now.

A group of modern Sfakians dancing at Komitade...

A group of modern Sfakians dancing at Komitades, Sfakia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find that is it not as easy as it was way back then when i had ample opportunity for dancing. So fit and trim . . .Not now . . .I now carry the appearance of my dutch grandmother, apron and all. Well today i dance in a room by myself with the door shut, and i will worry about a lock another day.

As for the exercise . . .Exercising is for the experts as far as i am concerned and it would be smashing if i had an expert helping  to get started  until i have a save routine and gained disciplinary action for myself.  For one thing if i do not exercise myself properly i may become really flabby or skinny here and there but not every there. Oh wait a minute i am already flabby.  I forgot for a minute, with all this dancing and  playing with these weights going on by myself,  never mind then. It is quite obvious i have tried to lose weight several times myself furthering my flabbiness, due to lack of discipline, because i honestly believe every time i start to lose weight then quit a gain more something . . .Flab?   Oh and the weights are two dumbbells weighting 5 pounds each.

Scream Blacula Scream

Scream Blacula Scream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh-a-oh but i’m having a good time by myself in this room with the door shut,  as long as the kid stays-out.




ART BY A THREE-YEAR OLDWhat is lost and found anyway.

Is it a place where we go to find something we Lost?   Is it something we lost and now found?  Is this one of those things where it all depends,  where  it was LOST AND FOUND.



For those of you who do not know what this drawing is, it is a  drawing of the new dog house i would like. I did this BLUE PRINT for my master but he used it to catch the kids paint so it would not stain his table. Not very creative  for a dog, i know. But i tried.IMAG0378-1









WOOF WOOF WOOF . . .If you build me this master, i will help you get this NICE BACKHOE.  It’s a dog’s life.