IMAG1058the FORCAST today is , now back to the news room. Periods of  RAIN all day. IMAG1059 IMAG1060Wow, if the job was that easy i’d give it a go. But i better stick to doing what I do. IMAG1062 IMAG1063 IMAG1064 Taking crazy pictures and posting to you. IMAG1065 IMAG1066Fun rainy Monday.




Don’t you just hate it when you are caught doing something dumb, of course you did not think it dumb while you were doing it.  For all you knew you were just cleaning up and putting things away. Mainly things you personally did not ake out. But you indeed did help in the pile up of things lying about.


Caught (Photo credit: SabWag)





At the same time you have been known for making things disappear, some times for ever!  This clearly is a mistake on your part. Which is clearly misunderstood by the source accusing you of hiding things no-one will ever see again.

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




You yourself can not deny those facts, because you know when you are holding a foreign object in your hand and have to put it away, you don’t have a clue as to what you are holding or where it should go? So you look around and look for a good place to put it . . .Not hiding it, putting it where you know it will be safe. I do this all the time!, i am told.

Well i have no excuse this time, she caught me being dumb. She said:

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue (Photo credit: Phil’s 1stPix)

“Hey are you doing something dumb again?”                right away i laughed, I guess i was.     She said: So it is you, hiding all the stuff so nobody can find them.”     So i looked up what i was indeed putting out of the way that i didn’t not know what to do with it in the first place, but it had a hook, so i figured i would hang it up out of the way.   She said:  “Oh good one . . .So who is going to know to look under all that?”     I had to laugh at that/rather think of something dumb to say.    Which i did. i said oh i guess ay, i could put it back on the table and put it away another time.     [After i said that,  i realized  i do, i am guilty of ]  People never seeing their stuff again.

Catch on the Fly (Missed)

Catch on the Fly (Missed) (Photo credit: Navdeep Raj)

So now if i can’t find something of mine . .. She said:  maybe it’s with your wallet.”   [I put my wallet somewhere safe years ago.]   Yeah but, why didn’t she catch me being dumb then?


T flip-flop

T flip-flop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I left and came back to find lots of people never knew i left and several people didn’t know i was back.  This felt odd. I thought wow. Not very impressionable am i?  Wow not even missed?



Wow . . .Shouldn’t this tell me something?

Man in flip-flops

Man in flip-flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Jump’ens i’m something like a fish,

Flip Flops, Blue

Flip Flops, Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







A flop: A fish that flip-flops-fish swish swash i’m a swish flip’en- fish swish flop. swap swip swop flop fish.

English: Basic Synchronous counter using JK fl...

English: Basic Synchronous counter using JK flip-flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Did you catch that?                      or miss the fish!

Flip flop swish gone.



So time once again to pay for another year in this cyber bolgging networld. This my second year of myritingboard and still not writing about what was intended for this site.   The main perpose of myritingboard never came about-i don’t remember what happened to the inspireation of it all only to know THEDOGHOUSE took over. This i find evry funny-as here is another year to post things ratteling around my head-odd stuff.


To renew-i wonder—will this bring on the real intentions of this site?  finally using myritingboard for it’s real purpose?  Two bad i don’t remember.  Looks like you readers are going to have to see what i do.   Rather neglect even blogging in the past couple of months. I have not run out of things to say or do i have how ever gave -up on several things that i do out of self something. As i have mentioned several times the way that i am and what comes over me at times leaving me no escape-i somehow get locked inside me and can only wait until i return.  To be honest-right now there is really know way for me to tell if i am back or if this is just a ruse to let readers know that i still something. funny or what! lol   lmao!

About renewing myritingboard i am not in the least a shamed of how i am but i am-what am i-something to do with caring.  Again-funny to me that i have written this to you-but some of you-to the best of my knowledge put-up with me-there for you have my highest regards in this.


the only thing i have left to work with is ADD MEDIA    ADD POLL   ADD Contact Form    ABC check    Visual   & Text-sad really—i  can not grasps the fundamentals of click this and click that and up-grade to this and download that.  This brainwreack of mind has been crashed about one or two many times-three or four for that matter-this left me with no capacity for understanding anything technical. So where ever or how ever i lost the use of BOLD-ITALICS-UNDERLINE-1. 2. 3. or the big black dot. Everything just keeps changing faster than i can keep-up. I just want want to blog when my thoughts need out.





Theres a fly in the bathroom dear Liza dear Liza-theres a fly in the bathroom dear Liza a fly

Then kill it dear Henery dear Henery  dear Henery then kill it dear Henery dear Henery kill it

With what shall i kill it dear Liza dear Liza with what shall i kill it dear Liza with what

Use your brain dear Henery dear Henery dear Henery use your brain dear Henery Dear Henery use your brain

How do i use my brain dear Liza dear LIza dear Liza  how do i use my brain dear liza dear Liza how

Open the window dear Henery dear Henery dear Henery open the window dear Henery dear Henery open the window

My brain can’t open the window dear Liza dear Liza dear Liza my brain won’t open the window dear Liza it won’t

Use your hands dear Henery dear Henery dear Henery use your hands dear Henery dear Henery  your hands

Henery stood-both hands on his head-trying to force the window open using his brain-the fly sat on his nose.

It’s not working dear Liza dear Liza dear Liza  it’s not working dear Liza it must be nailed down.





I just want to say good-bye-maybe say hello from time to time                           I want to move on & take my life                                  off hold                      You said you’d never keep me-just use me for play-but the memories inside me couldn’t see it that way

I just want to say good-bye-maybe hello                                                      from time to time maybe     never more              it’s been four long years now-nothing has changed-just living in memories-I kept myself caged-I couldn’t see it that way thinking of Love

Lets say good-bye     time to move on    time to have real Love   maybe hello    maybe hello   from time to time    my heart is all twisted-in dreams with you-dancing and laughing   you keep me on the side   I couldn’t see it that way- I Loved you

I just want to say good-bye    maybe hello    maybe from time to time  maybe hello

Just say good-bye & let this all end I can’t do it an more    I couldn’t see it that way    you keep me around for when you want to play    I just couldn’t see it that way     I don’t want you that way     Lets say good-bye & move on  maybe  hello another day-I couldn’t see it that way




Why?  Why is the first question you ask yourself. Then from there you be honest with yourself and answer your question. It is—only you who knows why you feel low-ornery & mean-so don’t punish yourself by way of not communicating with others.

Benny Means

Benny Means (Photo credit: Jason Means)


Yes it is-only you do not think it is—You probably believe you are freeing others by way of your mean old self by staying a lone.   This is a bad thing to do to yourself-you need now more than ever to talk–too anyone-but mainly your Loved one or ones.


communication (Photo credit: flavijus)

So you feel LOW-how low can you go? Is your head on your knees? What is running through your mind as you sit by yourself feeling low and ornery-you must be thinking something or brain dead—which in that case you  just lie in bed. Are you happy here and there or don’t dare to be happy? Do you hold in all your thoughts twisting them into night-mares as you live in your head? Well if you are still reading-you want the help.

If you feel mean is it that you don’t have or get what you want? This does cause people to get mad making them act mean-keeping them mean. Did you know you are acting upon thoughts you can’t find answers to? Do you know that some things just can’t be fixed or changed? Did you know if you search in your head coming out with-out results-that that is your answer-so you carry on with life and every thing around you.

Communicating Doors

Communicating Doors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Communication is what keeps us human and a live-/-dead-beat. What? They call this a skill—communicating-why is it so hard to communicate? I will tell you—-It is hard to communicate at times because you have this feeling that the listener won’t like what you have to say-so you choose to say nothing at all–this is what gives you the feeling of low-ornery & mean.

The only cure is to communicate—just do your best speaking your mind in a suitable manner-honest—-You will feel better

English: Soldiers communicating via Heliograph

English: Soldiers communicating via Heliograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)