58,488 words and counting/ BUZZER/ INTERFERENCE


Counting words, I have become the word counter! 58,488 words and counting for my Novel called.  BUZZER.

Adding words, I’ve been drinking coffee and smoking my head off to come up with picture perfect words to add to the counted words.

BUZZER,  no time for blogging. No time for eating.  Oh wait, I will grab bread and a coffee while still drifting around in a head full of words.

But I Love it when I get lost in the words I write for Buzzer, it’s the stepping back out that is weird, but at least the stepping out,  is safer than being pulled out, and  i’m sure you writers know exactly what I mean by that, it’s like waking from a nightmare, confused for a bit.

And how horrible can things be to be disturbed, is another thing to understand,

how deep inside the words you are, while playing out in your mind,

then comes the interference dragging your attention out to peer at this intruder which causing you to realize this interrupter is not part of the story don’t attack.  Because in reality,  you are sitting at your computer swimming away through your mind, streaming out words for a hunt,  then the kill,[ which means], you are not in your room at your computer anymore.

You are in your brain-world grueling through madness to get to the kill and there it is.  Then.  “Do you have to go pee i’m taking a shower.”  Comes flying at you from the other side of the door. Then the door opens where they ask once again.

“What?”                 Stuff! . . . Is said like that all the time here at THEDOGHOUSE. I’m lucky I have 58,488 words so far into BUZZER. My first hand at creating a novel and they want to now if we have to pee. Well the Lamb got away! maybe I should go pee jump’ens I have to track through shit again to catch my kill. If I find it!.

The life of a writer is the ringing in the ears and total silent where they disappear.

“No! I don’t have to pee. Where was i.”