How often do we defrag our computers?   Not very often or often.

O&O Defrag

O&O Defrag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is defrag anyway?   Is it like oil to a car?   How far will a car go without oil.

Disk Defragmenter (Windows)

Disk Defragmenter (Windows) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which will burn out first? A car or a computer?  Both objects neglected equally.

Well here is a blog for you.   I once owned a vehicle or rather had one in my possession, many years ago.  This was a Buick Limited,  first edition 1982, blue like the sky would be at times and mine.  It ended up this was my feet for 14-years, my carrier, my way to get anywhere.  I loved that car and actually shed tears when the time came to let her go. Fourteen years are a long time to keep stuff then get rid of it.

Louis Chevrolet driving a Buick Bug in the 191...

Louis Chevrolet driving a Buick Bug in the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of all the years with this Buick I dinged her once or twice actually somewhere in the back of my mind,  it wants me to say three. So maybe I did scratch her a few times but never anything bad where repairs were needed, even though I was minding my own business parking her for a visit, when the car and I were interrupted by this loud thump or bang or big noise then the car and I were not going anywhere. Due to further inspection I found the front passenger side of the car, the front bumper, corner part of the Buick wedged in between a rim on a tow-truck all ready parked.

English: 1958 Buick Limited qualifies for Publ...

English: 1958 Buick Limited qualifies for Public Domain release having received permission to use the image for the purpose of illustrating features of the Buick Limited from Kris Trexler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shit if I didn’t see that coming.  Needless to say, the said driver became quite up-set when he look out his window before he sat down to eat his lunch, and there she was all by herself, as I marched off to hunt down the owner of the truck.

That is just one of my car owning driving stories so you at least know I know cars take oil and can indeed drive very long after the oil runs out. Which causes me to wonder if I never defrag this computer, never ever and it gets old what will happen? Will it just stop one day, or will it drag on like a car without an oil change.


Like my car, just one day it died a few feet outside a garage on the road in the winter on a cold day.. I was very lucky my car was still taking care of me to die just where it did.  The Auto mechanic garage people came over to my aid pushing the Buick into the building. I took a taxi home leaving my baby-car there in the safety of these men, whereupon they worked on it to find out why it died.

English: Oil being drained from a GMC Sport Ut...

English: Oil being drained from a GMC Sport Utility Vehicle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1937 Buick. Limited series - 90. (3593514158)

1937 Buick. Limited series – 90. (3593514158) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Really though, when I returned the next day to pick up my car and pay the bill. The guy did say to me. “How long were you driving this car.”     I said.   “About a year and a half.”     He said.  “Do you ever put oil in here?”     Well with the look on his questioning face,  I quickly figured this oil thing was indeed the culprit.  So I looked real concerned and said.  “No sirree. I don’t touch any of that stuff.”




I guess you have to oil in a car.

So I am guessing you have to defrag a computer.

1958 Buick Limited Series 700 Model 756 2-door...

1958 Buick Limited Series 700 Model 756 2-door Convertible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)