So i use a DELL PRINTER/SCANNER, which ran out of ink, that i am far enough from a store to buy more ink, i thought i would for the first time order Dell ink off the computer.  So i did, actually impressed with my self for getting it done.

Nuevo moni Dell

Nuevo moni Dell (Photo credit: Manuchis.)






The ink arrived at my place four days later, which is today. October, 9, 2013. Yippie!  I was happy for this as i am days behind on my work, wishing i walked the five blocks four days ago allowing my work to be up to date or a bit more done.

YIP poster advertising the 1968 Festival of Life

YIP poster advertising the 1968 Festival of Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









So now reloading the ink . . .Peel off the little plastic protectors, place them in their slots and click print. Of course this requires TARGET practice with the new cartridges so i follow through with this, allowing the printer to print out an alignment sheet.  NOW here is where i turned into an idiot.  After this step of printing the Target sheet you must then do a scan to make sure that will be right as well.  But for some reason or other i ended up right back to the beginning as the scan continued to say it was not working. There was no way I was going to go through for the fifth time.

English: Poster for The Idiot Cycle

English: Poster for The Idiot Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So me being me . . .Figured i was sent bad ink in bad cartridges and did my best to contact DELL and ask for my money back.   I was very polite and nice and was able to get it all settled with DELL even sending me a link to print out a prepaid return slip.   I was very happy for this service given to me even though i had no ink to print out anything.  So i then went to the store and bought ink, came home and went through step one.  Do the TARGET.  Then do the scan!  Man . . .right away i became silly because this is now going to be my fifth time!

How can i be such an idiot! . . .This time i read the pop-up on the computer screen telling me to USE THE ALIGNMENT SHEET SCAN.          I DID! ALL WENT WELL.  So out of know where i felt like an idiot which caused me to take the newer ink out and try once again with the ink i ordered FOLLOWING ALL INSTRUCTIONS, and it worked.  So like a good idiot i found the phone number of DELL PRINTERS apologizing for my mistake and cancelling the cancellation. Now i have lots of ink and no money. But I did have the best support service any one could have. IMAG1057THANK-YOU DELL