Don’t you just hate it when you are caught doing something dumb, of course you did not think it dumb while you were doing it.  For all you knew you were just cleaning up and putting things away. Mainly things you personally did not ake out. But you indeed did help in the pile up of things lying about.


Caught (Photo credit: SabWag)





At the same time you have been known for making things disappear, some times for ever!  This clearly is a mistake on your part. Which is clearly misunderstood by the source accusing you of hiding things no-one will ever see again.

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




You yourself can not deny those facts, because you know when you are holding a foreign object in your hand and have to put it away, you don’t have a clue as to what you are holding or where it should go? So you look around and look for a good place to put it . . .Not hiding it, putting it where you know it will be safe. I do this all the time!, i am told.

Well i have no excuse this time, she caught me being dumb. She said:

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue

Catch of the Day: Intracoastal Avenue (Photo credit: Phil’s 1stPix)

“Hey are you doing something dumb again?”                right away i laughed, I guess i was.     She said: So it is you, hiding all the stuff so nobody can find them.”     So i looked up what i was indeed putting out of the way that i didn’t not know what to do with it in the first place, but it had a hook, so i figured i would hang it up out of the way.   She said:  “Oh good one . . .So who is going to know to look under all that?”     I had to laugh at that/rather think of something dumb to say.    Which i did. i said oh i guess ay, i could put it back on the table and put it away another time.     [After i said that,  i realized  i do, i am guilty of ]  People never seeing their stuff again.

Catch on the Fly (Missed)

Catch on the Fly (Missed) (Photo credit: Navdeep Raj)

So now if i can’t find something of mine . .. She said:  maybe it’s with your wallet.”   [I put my wallet somewhere safe years ago.]   Yeah but, why didn’t she catch me being dumb then?