So time once again to pay for another year in this cyber bolgging networld. This my second year of myritingboard and still not writing about what was intended for this site.   The main perpose of myritingboard never came about-i don’t remember what happened to the inspireation of it all only to know THEDOGHOUSE took over. This i find evry funny-as here is another year to post things ratteling around my head-odd stuff.


To renew-i wonder—will this bring on the real intentions of this site?  finally using myritingboard for it’s real purpose?  Two bad i don’t remember.  Looks like you readers are going to have to see what i do.   Rather neglect even blogging in the past couple of months. I have not run out of things to say or do i have how ever gave -up on several things that i do out of self something. As i have mentioned several times the way that i am and what comes over me at times leaving me no escape-i somehow get locked inside me and can only wait until i return.  To be honest-right now there is really know way for me to tell if i am back or if this is just a ruse to let readers know that i still something. funny or what! lol   lmao!

About renewing myritingboard i am not in the least a shamed of how i am but i am-what am i-something to do with caring.  Again-funny to me that i have written this to you-but some of you-to the best of my knowledge put-up with me-there for you have my highest regards in this.


the only thing i have left to work with is ADD MEDIA    ADD POLL   ADD Contact Form    ABC check    Visual   & Text-sad really—i  can not grasps the fundamentals of click this and click that and up-grade to this and download that.  This brainwreack of mind has been crashed about one or two many times-three or four for that matter-this left me with no capacity for understanding anything technical. So where ever or how ever i lost the use of BOLD-ITALICS-UNDERLINE-1. 2. 3. or the big black dot. Everything just keeps changing faster than i can keep-up. I just want want to blog when my thoughts need out.