I just want to say good-bye-maybe say hello from time to time                           I want to move on & take my life                                  off hold                      You said you’d never keep me-just use me for play-but the memories inside me couldn’t see it that way

I just want to say good-bye-maybe hello                                                      from time to time maybe     never more              it’s been four long years now-nothing has changed-just living in memories-I kept myself caged-I couldn’t see it that way thinking of Love

Lets say good-bye     time to move on    time to have real Love   maybe hello    maybe hello   from time to time    my heart is all twisted-in dreams with you-dancing and laughing   you keep me on the side   I couldn’t see it that way- I Loved you

I just want to say good-bye    maybe hello    maybe from time to time  maybe hello

Just say good-bye & let this all end I can’t do it an more    I couldn’t see it that way    you keep me around for when you want to play    I just couldn’t see it that way     I don’t want you that way     Lets say good-bye & move on  maybe  hello another day-I couldn’t see it that way