Why?  Why is the first question you ask yourself. Then from there you be honest with yourself and answer your question. It is—only you who knows why you feel low-ornery & mean-so don’t punish yourself by way of not communicating with others.

Benny Means

Benny Means (Photo credit: Jason Means)


Yes it is-only you do not think it is—You probably believe you are freeing others by way of your mean old self by staying a lone.   This is a bad thing to do to yourself-you need now more than ever to talk–too anyone-but mainly your Loved one or ones.


communication (Photo credit: flavijus)

So you feel LOW-how low can you go? Is your head on your knees? What is running through your mind as you sit by yourself feeling low and ornery-you must be thinking something or brain dead—which in that case you  just lie in bed. Are you happy here and there or don’t dare to be happy? Do you hold in all your thoughts twisting them into night-mares as you live in your head? Well if you are still reading-you want the help.

If you feel mean is it that you don’t have or get what you want? This does cause people to get mad making them act mean-keeping them mean. Did you know you are acting upon thoughts you can’t find answers to? Do you know that some things just can’t be fixed or changed? Did you know if you search in your head coming out with-out results-that that is your answer-so you carry on with life and every thing around you.

Communicating Doors

Communicating Doors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Communication is what keeps us human and a live-/-dead-beat. What? They call this a skill—communicating-why is it so hard to communicate? I will tell you—-It is hard to communicate at times because you have this feeling that the listener won’t like what you have to say-so you choose to say nothing at all–this is what gives you the feeling of low-ornery & mean.

The only cure is to communicate—just do your best speaking your mind in a suitable manner-honest—-You will feel better

English: Soldiers communicating via Heliograph

English: Soldiers communicating via Heliograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)