Don’t you just hate when you happen to be at somebody else’s home[who you do not know]just along for the ride sort of speak when you have to ask to use their bathroom-washroom-really badly but you don’t say you have to crap-you just ask to go–of course they say sure down the hall to the left—-and you go—Awe—relief-then you see there is no tissue-paper-sanitary-paper—TOILET-PAPER!-SO YOU DRAG YOUR ASS ACROSS THEIR CARPET–then run out the front door-I have-there was no way I was going to lick up all that shit–the way I figured it was-the lady could have told me no she had no paper of any kind-not to go in the house–nor did I have to be dragged from my house to the car to this house-I rest my case–has this happened to you?

Don’t you just hate it when you have to say something like[I don’t know what I was thinking] or [I don’t know why I was thinking] or [why was I even thinking that] or [I thought I was thinking].

Has this happened to you-i’m sure that it has–it happened to me just the other day–I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought it would be AWESOME to strip the bark from all the limbs that I cut of the Fir tree allowing in some breeze-awe so much cooler-but long limbs now needed to be bundled and tied-placed at the road for proper disposal-gone—but out of no where this thinking of de-barking all these limbs-hit me like a rock!—TIMBER–look out below. IMAG0850 IMAG0851

To late-my thinking took over like a mad bull in heat stripping bark like tearing down the straight-a-way-gears full force-took over all other thinking-then it was not long after this illusion of naked wood hitting the markets-getting rich scheme-started to itch–causing all sorts of spiders and bugs to be crawling all over me-in my hair-up my snout-in my ears-then the smart part of my brain-asked my-not thinking-part of my brain–what were you thinking!

IMAG0852 IMAG0854

I am sure it has happened to you.IMAG0858

So I stopped my thinking-cleaned-up & painted the benches instead-smarter thinking.IMAG0827 IMAG0859