Oh look-what is all of this-I haven’t got a clue-I obviously clicked on icons not knowing what they mean.

But I do know this. The dog down the street came walking my way, he came to tell me rumors are going around and they are using my name. He barked at me laughing believing what he heard-was true-without even asking or finding out for himself–How could you bow-wow-what were you thinking-bark-bark. All I could do was to howl-wait until it is your turn-believe what you want-but there will come a day and it will be all about you-then what will you do-what will you say-who will believe a word you have to say.

The dog that I am allows no clatter to transform my stature-sticking my head in a hole-my head is held high as I know not of these lies-now that I do-I lie in the warm sun thinking the fun I may have had doing any of the cyber-space made-up lies-how I would have done things different had it been me in this lie. For one thing if it was indeed I who lurks through the night digging up all dog bones-would master complain about all the newly dug holes here?—Should everyone’s yards be fenced in that I dig and dig making a hole to enter then escape-digging holes everywhere! I’m to lazy.
Yawn-roll over-scratching by back to the ground-lazy day-wishing I had a bone to chew on-fall a sleep-dreaming of heaping piles of bones- there are none-I lick my leg—So look at me-then look deeper-you will see I have nothing to hide.
They will say things about you too
Then what will you do
Then bully on you & your cyber-bullies.