Playing with mommy

Playing with mommy

Hi folks, on behalf of THEDOGHOUSE this is about thedoghouse-and let me tell you-it is always a slice-as was said to thedoghouse once—But thedoghouse is about nothing in GENERAL-just thoughts and sometimes when wisdom is needed it gets put out there-all the in-between-stuff is what i would say-sucks to be you-putting up with so much nonscence-but the doghouse has to shake off somewhere-may as well be here where i feel at home to do what i want-when i feel–or when i can—Only thing is about the stuff i shed-makes me laugh lots-wondering what people must feel or think or wild thoughts flowing through their minds all day while i chuckle away the rest of the day feeling light and fluffy.

Another thing about thedoghouse-somehow Myritingboard was changed by way of thedoghouse-only thedoghouse has no idea what it did—causing the dashboard in new post to be all morris code or something there like that-we don’t even have spell check–but we are sure we did indeed click where we should not have-i’m just saying–this should describe to you just how thedoghouse is-when it comes to sheddding technical information—we don’t! We know nothing of the sort nor do we want to-this has something to do with brain capacity skills-an this old dog has been hit by car three times-So calculating watts and connecting wires and figuring out distances-is a little out of reach for this knocked-out brain in the head of thedoghouse. Indeed we do feel you may have pick this up along the way-but life is like that isn’t—We live and learn along the way-well most of us do-some just don’t care to learn thinking what they do is the only way to live—Well you know what they say—Big bully-good for you—but life is like that-where we believe we know everything-so let me go crazy on you from time to time shedding-shaking off my mind on you-THEDOGHOUSE is about to go crazy on you about thedoghouse and why it is crazy–Crazy stuff is funny most of the time -but people get carried away-i’m just saying–some people just don’t know when to stop-driving others crazy to the point of sometimes horrible things-but not here at thedoghouse-we are brain dead up until we get smacked in the head bouncing the brain into action about thedoghouse just like this-because life is like that.

The end—but a picture


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