I just solved my problem.  I never take time to crap!   No wonder . . .Wow, i’m full of shit.

That i had a little time on my hands i thought i would sit and have a break.  As i sat there relaxing something made me aware that i still have not gone to the toilet and as it was, i remembered i was made aware twice before, i still have not gone to relieve myself, is this why i always have un-pleasent pressure i asked myself?   This brought to mind the hospital visit several weeks ago, i woke to not being able to breathe well nor stand-up straight. My brain  became over-whelmed with  how much pain i was in all across my right-lower rib-cage. At the hospital they took x-rays and  two tubes of blood, after they gave me one of their pain-killers . . . In the upper right arm. OUCH! Quite the kick with-drawing that needle. I think with-in twenty minutes or so, i realized the only pain i had happened if i moved.

The Doctor taking care of me said it is the strongest pain-killers out there. I believe it, The needle hurt. An other thing . . .The pain-killer the hospital gave me lasted for Major Hours., it would have been awesome if they would have given me eight of this pain-killer in pill forum, to take home.{But this is all beside the point},  it ended-up i had torn the muscle and cracked a rib COUGHING! Then the blood-work came back along with the x-rays. This is where this all comes together . . .At the hospital when the doctor is reading my results, my blood is good, fine even, but i’m torn and cracked. But he also said. Your bowels  are backed-up. How could that be? I went to the wash-room three times before i went to the hospital. Then he pushed in on my stomach asking if maybe the pain was “here?”  No! it is here,  my rib.

To make a long story short i have heal 98% with my muscle and rib, but it is today that i now realize i am, full of shit! The x-ray tells me so. This explains all the trouble i have with my gut area . . .I do not make or take the time to run to the wash-room when my body tells me to,  i always seem to  busy,  to just stop,  drop and go.

This causes irregular bowel  movements causing the upper belly to give the appearance of being six months pregnant and pushing. So it’s x-rays verses time to run, everytime. but you don’t have to pay attention to this, as the Doctor said . . .I’m full crap! The x-ray wins.Eat me  Eat me



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