Would you even know if there was a bully mixed-in with the crowd you intermingle with? Would you know how to single them out by way of just listening to them talk? Would you be able to name the categories a bully falls under? Like;

English: the picture consist of articles on bu...

English: the picture consist of articles on bullying, I obtained it from public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LIAR, THIEF CHEATER, SELFISH, MEAN, UNFORGIVING, VINDICTIVE, DISHONEST & I AM SURE THERE ARE MORE NAMES  But . . .Some bullies are not liars nor will they cheat to get what they want , they will take it or get someone else to get it for them.  . . .Some bullies select who they forgive. They also know who to be vindictive against . . .Bullies do their homework when it come to picking on anyone, the wrong choice can land them in great trouble…Bullies hate any trouble coming their way, besides . . .In a bullies mind,  the trouble came by way of you. Some bullies are silent bullies they don’t share the way they abuse others.

Do you belong to a circle of friends? Do you see or over-hear things about some of you? Do you allow your friends to put others in harm’s way or allow hurtful things to happen? Do you support Bullying?

English: A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Be...

English: A Bully Free Zone sign – School in Berea, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if one day,  one of the bully friends with-in your circle of friends, over heard or, is told by a circle-friend that they, he/she gets even with other people by robbing them.  What are you going to do?  Keep it to yourself, tell someone you trust, to keep it quiet, have a meeting with the circle of friends and tell them all? One of these is the correct answer. Can you name it?  But from that day forth, you and that friend now have feelings mixed in-between you.  Allowing this to go unanswered for, YOU! , are now allowing, excepting, and keeping their very wrong goings a secret . . .What if one day you just happened to be in the same area as that friend while they are robbing someone [ by coincidence ], of course you get arrested too, all because one of your friends in this fun circle of friends, is being hunted down by police or a gang member or whatever is out to get them.  But,  because you kept your mouth shut not telling everyone what you heard earlier you are going down too, way to go oh silent one.   You allowed life for this bully to play. So the correct answer to what are you going to do when you find a bully in your circle of friends is, have a meeting with the circle of friends and tell them all what you heard.

Jacksonville Bullies

Jacksonville Bullies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you think, this meeting could very well change this silent bully into a non-bully?   Do you think this bully will feel insulted and leave the crowd, then get even with all of you or will the bully cry-out as to how the victims had it coming? Do you think this bully will say ‘I’ll be good I will never do it again can I stay?   CRAP . . .Now everything has changed in this ring of friendship. The circle has broken. A bully/friend of yours is a thief. IS A THIEF A BULLY.  IS  A BULLY A LIAR . IS A BULLY  HONEST.

PLAYING WITH BULLIES . . .This is easy to detect. Lets just say you and a couple of you fun friends like to play around by ways of play-fight. Lots of boys do this with each other,  they all laugh and carry-on like little kids, giving odds slaps and wacked-out punches to each other calling out things like, “you bastard, fuck-you bitch, fuck that hurt and what ever else best friends say to one another as they play-fighting.  What if,  one of the friends in the crowd will not play-fight with the bunch of you, but you have seen them with smaller kids, only hurting them.  This is your silent bully.   An other way to see a friend for a bully is the friend who actually play-fights to hurt you, carrying the play out for to long. This is a big bully. Do they say things like . . .”If you can’t take it don’t play”. “Fuck-you . . .You didn’t complain when you played with them”. “Fucking sissy man”. THIS IS YOUR BULLY.

Finding a bully in amongst your circle is a hard thing to do at times;

English: Woolly bullies This is our field - right?

English: Woolly bullies This is our field – right? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  •  They know how to act around you.
  •  They make excuses for everything.
  •  Most people accept these excuses.

Unless a bully has their own circle of friends, they have to behave in ways that are acceptable with-in the circle of friends or get shunned. Chances are you do know a bully but you don’t. They are people who order you around, getting their way all the time . . .Well,  to appear nice or something there like that, they will let you have choice in matters, but then it all depends if they agree with your choice laughing at you or loudly telling you to give it your best shot as they mock out down in front of others. You suck at everything. And everyone standing there saying nothing is indeed supporting this bully. WHY? lack of friends? Happy it is not you? or You are afraid.

What if you see one of the “circle of friends”, pinning someone-up against the wall, treating to harm, doing it anyway just to show what’s to come. Do you stop this or do you call out or do you turn your head and go the other way? Are you now afraid of this bully, like a baby jumping at the sound of a loud noise? Do we give life to bullies?

English: Me and a bunch of my friends went ice...

English: Me and a bunch of my friends went ice skating and we took this photo of all our skates in a circle on the ice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This friend of yours . . .Are they a friend who post bad stories? Are they a friend who spreads stories about other people hurting or harming reputations? . . .These people should not be confused with BULLIES, These people are something different form bullies. Which one of you is worst . . .The bully or the poster?  A Liar lies, a bully bosses you into doing what they want. A thief can steal but not lie nor boss you around, of course they can be a liar and a thief but still won’t harm you with bodily intent and at the same time a liar will lie to hurt you and save their own skin. Some people will stand and listen to it all go down wrong without saying a word. They say things like  . . It is none of my business or hey it had nothing to do with me, they are the supporters allowing behavior like to carry on. Sure plenty of people know this is wrong and would never do anything  like it . . .But this is their friend having fun, they didn’t mean for things to get out of hand, but it did & the excuses seemed warranted at the time so what is the big deal. As of yet, nothing. They say things like;  “Nobody died”.  “They will get over it”. Or . . .” It’s not my fault if they are a poor sport”.    Really . . .

I grew-up with eight siblings, one was a liar, two were bullies and the rest of us paid for it. So I can tell you what a bully is sometimes why, even who is lashing out as a bully.   Self-perseverance,  believing everything was theirs until you came along now they feel like they suffer because you, they miss out because of you. You  you,  you  are the cause of their afflictions in some sort of way, you are to happy and they are not.

Cover of "In Harm's Way"

Cover of In Harm’s Way

People laugh at bullies and bullies Love your support. Do you support a bully?   Probably do.


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