Hey i have been away for a while,  i know. Wow i miss my people. Yes i see you as my people, my readers. I don’t know where i was odd how i feel i need to get out now . . .I think i am leaving again. Odd. But i miss blogging to you so much, it is a fight being here now, i am having a hard time not clicking the trash as i have doing as of late. [I think i have gone weird again, this i never understand . . .Only to know that i am gone]. Honest to god i can even get to “myartscreen” and the kid is painting as i faulter deeper into whatever has hold of me. Odd as i stand here it has just come to me typing this to you that i must find the source of the hold. I know this i am sure, if i dig deep enough inside my mind i can for certain see where i went off course. Now at this very point in time, telling you this i came to realize that i am leaving and pull is so strong there will be no digging until i can get out.

When miss is missing, missing is STRONG/I miss you, meaning missing you gave me this strength to have this break through doing my best to hang in. Although i continue to watch the   “MOVE TO TRASH”  icon.

I can tell you right now it is going to take more time to blog paintings of this Art by a three-year old. Neglecting the kid i know . . .And believe me when i say i feel bad about this . . .But i have no control right now just this time. Odd.

There are no Recommended Links for this. laughing now. I Miss you guys, woof woof.




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