Do you walk around get small amounts of electric shocks, and sometimes the shock is big and it hurts?

  • Do you feel you are being zapped by electricity more than your friends.Everything you touch gives you an electric charge?
  • Is your hair way to static, clinging to your face, flying off on its own zapping you all the time?
  • Do you have little electrical currents flowing from your hair?


Some people place a fitting piece of memory-foam over their matress,  then place a fitted plastic sheet over the foam, then placing clean sheets over the plactic and foam and matress. Not only is this a lot of build-up to create friction it is bad for your back. How is it bad for your back?

  1. Plastic is slippery it moves, it bends and it folds. You lie on these folds, maybe you do not know it . . .But your body feels these crinkles as small as they are.
  2. Depending on the thickness of this plastic, it will tear over time exposing the FOAM making it’s way through the tear, causing a very large rippel in the nice fitting foam, that you do not know you are sleeping on. But your body does. You have backaches.
  3. Plastic will sweat when it gets to warm up against your body, causing you to wake-up wet, thinking if you peed the bed. But your body knows you did not pee the bed. But it is not good to lie in wet sweat. Fungus.

So this is what you are going to do.

  •  Get rid of your piece of foam
  •  Get the plastic off your bed under your sheets
  •  Get yourself a can of de-magnetic electrode spray, and spray the electric currents still standing-up on the matress.
  • Let the mattress dry before you re-sheet your sleeping area.
  • Without the foam and plastic.

Do you get afraid to touch things,  in fear of getting that little wap of sparks, generating from your fingers? And something that small actually hurts.

  • Have you ever said to anyone . . .Hey will you turn that on for me i’m kind of sacred to touch it.? And they look at you really weird, cause you are afraid to touch the light switch, it is plastic, you get a charge of yellow light and  it hurts.
  • Have you ever touched a kid and got the biggest zap, but the kid gets it worse, ouch.  Then they look at you,  like you, did something, but you know it was the kid, sometimes the kid will cry. But you laugh and tell the kid to stay away from you, for ever, walk over there.
  • Have you ever stood-up to shake someones hand receiving, you know what . . .electric shock. Then you both look at each other like, well, you know what . . .Blame. Now to afraid to shake hands. Forever.FRICTION IMAG0361 IMAG0364 IMAG0363 IMAG0365 IMAG0366 IMAG0367 IMAG0368 IMAG0362

You can set yourself free by getting a can of De-magnetic electrode spray. Feel free to touch again with no fear of being ZAPPED!.

I just Love this. Created just for you for my absence.


There is always 


But of course this does not exist, but it would be nice. By the way . . .Removing all this from my sleeping quarters, i was indeed ZAPPED, SHOCKED, ELECTROCUTED and ouching a lot, before i got the stuff off and out of the room. Lets see how life is  now. As i did spray my matress, but with disinfectant spray.






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