ST. Joseph’s secondary school is the closest place, meaning,  [a large feeding area for hot-white to birth], Cleveland chose to have Sarophia do the bee-dance calling in all the bees with-in the buzzing song. Which the sound would grow and carry vibes through-out the air, bringing in more bees. This he would start three minutes to HIGH NOON. Cleveland Rupert is using his years of experience keeping bees figuring with the wind carrying sound waves by the time high noon arrives the sky will be buzzing with dancing bees in a frenzy.

They arrived in the city at this school at around 11:17/am. Cleveland parked the truck across the street, and the three of them got out of the vehical. Steve helped Sarophia out of the truck, placing her down like she was a bag of something breakable. Sarophia told him he was silly and giggled at him. “You can’t break me, i’m strong you know. You can put me down like a big girl you silly.”

While Sarophia and Steve were carrying on Cleveland is scooping the place out, looking for the perfect spot for the girl to dance. Steve was forewarned not to interfere with anything but to keep his mouth shut and dance if he had to but, keep his nose out where it don’t belong.  Up to now,  Steve does not really know what is going on, only for the fact that back at his cabin high up in the mountain there is a strange woman “Carried in by the wind”, days ago and he is not sure if she is going to live or die. As the matter fact he still has not told Cleveland about her.  Steve pictured the girl lying in the shower he built her, allowing only pure clean river water to wash over her. After all, she has stayed at his place for a while and in that while he knows she can only exist with this water, he has learned she hides from the wind and she eats a lot of “Rawish-meat”.

Steve came to Cleveland to confront in him about this but what is the right time. certainly not during the ride into town with the child sitting there. And right now he figures he has the next ten to fifteen minutes to tell His old friend about this girl and the strange MARKINGS-symbols, he found around the house. But right now he is standing with Sarophia until Cleveland comes back.  Steve is also hoping Cleveland knew what he is doing by making this four-year old dance the bee dance.  Steve still didn’t know why, as there has not really been time and he didn’t want to frighten the child into not dancing should she over hear the men talking. Steve simply has to trust Cleveland and go along with what is what, he will know in good time anyway.

Cleveland is on his way back and out of the school yard. Steve grabs at his papers containing these writings. But as he does so a huge gust of wind picks up and the evidence fly out of his grasp, landing by a tree, up against a rock.  By the time Steve stopped at the rock the wind carried the papers through the opened air to a small group of high-schoolers who gathered up the papers sharing them amongst one another. The teenagers wonder at these markings and question Steve as he approached them. 100_3219 100_3216 100_3217 100_3218 IMAG0123



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