I’m taking the day off and talking to you.So much stuff comes at you all at once leaving not doing anything but write. Love to talk but if i am in THEDOGHOUSE all the time i have no one to talk to. Leaving me to write to you. So . . .

Today this day how are “you”!  I myself just came in from doing my best at riding a plastic tube down the slide that was made , for the children.  But you know how it is when you were a child and all the fun you would have sliding. I had to give it a go for myself and play with the children.

After several funny attempts i somewhat made it down the little slide of packed snow. Twice. Off to the side both times.

[Those pictures were not taken], but they should have been then you would seen the dangers i took  to play with the kids, like a child.  But i did it and it was fun.  Of course,  due to my size and weight,  i somewhat destroyed the way-up the kids had going on,making it harder for them to get-up. We took turns.

But i laughed like the kids. So that is how i am to-day. Happy and still giggling at how hard a time i had just getting up to slide down. Everyone eye-sight had a jolly laugh mainly the children.  Now its back to work what ever that is for me. This is STUFF THEY GET ME TO DO . . .”There lick this up that’s a good boy”.  Or master calls me over to fart, asking me. ” Here boy can smell that”. So the way i figure it is this is one of those days where i am taking it off and wait for master to call. I mean it is not like i am a sheep-dog or nothing. Run all day chasing sheep, staying a circle, ready to run should one leaves. [Look at that now], some of the other sheep start to wonder off.  

LITTLE BOPEEP IS STILL LOOKING. This is good for the sheep-dog though, cause he knows when she {Bopeep} gets back, shit is going down. 

Odd what people do for a living, what do you do. I once worked in a Hospital-Laundry, basement place.  Great way to meet lots of dogs and cats,  bowwow. 

That was my name-got to go.

WOOF WOOF WOOF  BARK  {meaning} remember to SMILE AT NOTHING

Today i talk to you

Today i talk to you

IMAG0209 IMAG0216 IMAG0212 IMAG0217 IMAG0218 IMAG0211 IMAG0204




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