NUMBER ONE:     How far back do you want to go.

NUMBER TWO:    Know what point in time you want to go back to.

NUMBER THREE:  Why then how were things for you.

NUMBER FOUR:    What changed?

Remember back then, what were you like, what did you do.  Who were your friends or the people you knew.    What made the change putting you where you are now.

[ THAT IS HOW EASY IT IS TO GO BACK ],  that change WAY BACK THEN. When you stopped being you.  Because something happened.

They say it is important to face changes head on, that in doing this you stop the change. Facing the change is really really really[get the picture], hard for some people. This makes it difficult for them to even try to re-find themselves.

That is how lost some people get in life. That actually say, {i don’t know where i am}, sometimes they say [anymore], i don’t know where i am anymore.  Yet the whole time they are standing in their own kitchen or basement or where ever they are at the time, they wondering where they are. [ Could this be the start of Alzheimer’s ]{Where you forget about life a head of you}, reliving only the past, a place where you were happy.

Somewhere in your journey,  to where you are now, you feel you are out-of-place and not where you belong. [ HOW DID I GET HERE], you said it yourself.

If you think about it, about the “time” , where you can remember you, being the you, you don’t feel you are any more. {Look at that}, it’s all about you.

And it should be. And it should have always been. But you took on changes that are not working for you. Un do the change you did back then. I know it’s hard . . .

EXAMPLE:       BOWWOW              BARK  BARK BARK


Where am i. I don’t know where i am. How did i get here.

Not wanting to get caught off guard i gave a good sniffing of the air finding master alone. Was master talking to me. I figured it was best to wait until master called my name. But i only heard “Why can’t i leave.”

As a dog,  i can only wonder if the words spoken were good words or bad. I only know master slept in the kitchen. I could feel masters pain it felt like mine. We both left friends behind. Fun days. Things changed and master let it happen, [i only take orders]. {Lay down stay, go lie in the corner, roll over that’s a good boy}.  Master doesn’t even go try. Master quit walking me or laughing or smiling rubbing my head and scratching behind my ear. Master slashes a gash in my feed bag,  drops it on the floor in the corner. “And don’t get it all over the floor”.  I just bow my head tuck in my tail and sit looking like an old hound dog. WHICH I AM NOT!  I HAPPEN TO BE A PURE BRED

This dog knows  “the past” is back there.  LUCY is a hot dog but i will pass on the two states over and sniff out another howler maybe even meet up with a cool cat.

IKNOW WHERE MY MASTER IS {I know how master got there}. Master has stepped into the past and can’t get out, lack of even trying,  just waiting for the past to come fixing everything like in a movie. I just hope master finds his old self one day soon before it is too late, gone for good.   I still do my best barking i have But master is deaf unto.    I try, i sit and bark but there is no understanding not even when i wag my tail, roll over, walk on my two hind legs.  Walk a circle, lick my nuts or anything.  Master thinks i am being an idiot dumb ass dog,  so i chace my tail and nothing.  “GO LIE DOWN” !

Mean while i am trying to tell him to go back and take a look of what changed and do something about it.  And i want to see Lucy that dog next yard over is gay and keeps humping me. WOOF WOOFWOOF BOWWOW


Let’s go find a new life and another Lucy.  HOWL

But master does not think like that only sad and lost and wondering. How did i get here. Where am i, i don’t know where i am. [You do! You are somewhere you are not}. {You need to go back in your mind where you were happy and remember the things around then. What changed!] Correct that change.


This varies on the type of change.  Sometimes in life there changes that can not be fixed no matter what you do or anyone else does! Nothing at all, which is something some people believe they can and have to, leading to dysfunctions in the mind. {These people spend their life time needing to change things they can not}. They are a lone even when they are standing in a crowed. But not all, people are that strung-out on changing things they can not. They live happy lives living with the change and adding changes to these new changes,  somewhat like their own changes, all well and done.

But if your change  is the result of Love, lust, marriage-brake-ups and the such, these can be painful, i know,  i miss Lucy. But stuff like all this is fixable to the point where you can start a new. Depending on the changes you are willing to do.



We make the best of our changes and keep ourselves amused by keeping our sack clean and chewing shoes.

People can start by meet other people. This is harder for humans, tho’some dogs battle straight away. GROWL  RRRRRRA,  tear chew.

How to find myself.

You have to take charge of who you are not relying on anyone to tell you what to do and how to do it. You have a mind and a thought of your own, use it. Stop asking for help and do it.

Take little steps by getting rid of the things that make you feel like you are barring a cross.   Your not! You are your own. You move on or back, making the correct changes remembering who you were and what you did causing you happiness. What is holding you now? A Family? A girlfriend? No money? A Lost Love you found? Jobless and no home?

I don’t know where i am. But you do know where you came from and you claim, how did i get here. Ask a trusted friend or anyone you think met you a long time ago. What happened to me.  Ask your parents HOW DID I CHANGE.

Some people are at times comfortable where they are knowing not how they got there. They stay in misery and won’t try.  Many people claim, ” I can not try”! They are afraid they will mess things up worse than what they are. Where my master is drifting away inside waiting for love. But not a NEW LOVE, the old Love lost.             I even took my chances in chewing  the corner of the suit-case, hoping notice would be taken to pack the bags and let’s go.  WOOF WOOF Friggen BOWWOW man. Master only punished me calling me a mangy old good for nothing  mut. “Hey i’m a pure bred i got my papers”. Happen to know.

How did i get here

I don’t know where i am

How to find myself. Go back in time to where you were HAPPY what changed. Who is stopping you from doing what you want. A wife, a friend, a Lover.

  • Process your priorities
  • Who are you responsible for
  • What is stopping you from being you.
  • Why do you feel you are not you.

It’s hard to face things  but it is the only answer to,   how you are where you don’t want to be.     When you find that answer,  you and only you, are responsible for new changes to take place. You have to change things.


These things:


Regain who you once were by taking little steps.




I Love myself and lassie in the next yard. Master should learn to get over things that can not be changed and take an interest in Lassie’s Master, as far as humans go she is a hot-dog and would make a fine mate.

Master is good just lonely and sad. How did i get here. How far back do you want to go. Sometimes i don’t know where i am. Yes you do you left yourself there. How to find myself. Let’s start with a paw shake and a smile.000_0098




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