This is myritingboard and i have not written anything for a while. I know why this is but i can not explain just to say my head is busy cleaning house.

Besides everything is changing and it is hard keeping up. I don’t know that i want to, keep-up that is.  But for the main part of this is that i have been working on Nora-my book, this is the second time that i reread and correct and change or fix certain areas. WISE CHOICE.  The more i do this the longer the story becomes and this is good. 

Right now i am more than half-finished, but when i reach the end it will be time to start over from the beginning.  Man writing a book leaves no time to blog, just hours of reading & editing & cleaning the house, plus taking care of two small children. This Puts Me To Bed Early. Boo  No more staying up until three in the morning.

Early morning hours past midnight.

Early morning hours past midnight.


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