Sometimes we as people need to take breaks from certain things in our life  time.

I myself need to take a break from this ” NORA” girl and her past few days of her life.  My life her life? Living someone else’s life can be very trying on the brain.

When do we step out of who we are play acting as we make-up characters giving them a life. We some how step into that life and forget who we are for a while.  The while depending on how deep we got ourselves into this person created in your mind.

As it turns out,  this ” NORA” character has three personalities going on at once and when working this all out in my head for hours  at a time, someone happens to interrupt asking, babbling something of no importance but to say where they are going to what they just did and when they will be back and to watch for this or go do that.

They have no idea,  what they just said, did not connect with my brain.   Not only do i not respond,  rather look  at them repeatedly then continue to type staying  in my kill or Lust Love or merriment or what ever i happen to be doing in my mind in that person at the time. SOMETIMES!

Sometimes i have to get out of character, doing my best to comprehend what is happening outside my made-up world.     And when  this happens i stay confused for sometime as to what they want me to do or fix or take care of.   [ Cause i now i’m thinking should i kill it or Love it or what it]. One thing for sure is, [you have to tell me again-from the beginning], while i ask questions.

Asking of the questions is to ensure myself i am understanding what is being said to me that i am out of my story and back in the real world. Somewhat!

This Nora can bat a ball left or right-handed,  with a real quick switch. She can do things a man can do to protect herself or others. But all she wants is real Love while fighting the Sex-Pot & The Controller in her.   [This she really has no control over]. She is a simple girl really, Nora.

But this Nora is not the only person in this book-keeping me zoned out. There happen to be two Venoms killers in town looking for Nora,  but dancing where they can. Until then, sort of in the meantime shit is going on. She must attend a grand party aboard an Ocean-liner. More like they need her to entertain Surprise Nora . . .

Now that it happens to be me creating evil villains, you can find me in a villainous state.   [Then someone comes to ask me if i am hungry . . .], and all i can think about is the kill or rape or what ever damage i am doing at the time. Jump out you say . . .Just like that . . .Should i be taking a break from Nora but not for long.  

Frank likes her lots.

Someone or something is taking my fish.

Someone or something is taking my fish.

I like Frank too.


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