Well there you have it. The Holiday season is almost past us, well most of us, it is back to work for most here in Canada. The rest of us still have celebrations to carry on until the NEW YEAR.  Where way more people than not have one last celebration to bring in the new year.  Here in Canada this has been a tradition for ever one might say.

Families get together exchanging gifts in honour of each other as did the three wise men with the baby Jesus, give gifts unto thee.  Each of us a child of course at one time or another.  This is the Canadian way to Celebrate the  birth of Jesus the son of GOD. We know no other way. [If there is i do not know it].  This is the way my Grandparents taught my parents who in turn taught me and I, mine. Somebody had to of had taught my Grandparents. Again,  who taught them,  who taught in the first place. The three wise men.

Canadians are strange like that. Then when all the CELEBRATIONS are over and the new year smiles in . . .We as Canadians carry on to our every day chores, whether it be getting up on a daily basis to go to work or sit on the couch and eat while watching the television all day long. We are back doing what we do in life.

Now that CHRISTMAS PAST i can carry on with you. Back to normal for the dog house. But we all know what that is, don’t we. Stuff at means nothing to anyone but myself. Hahahahahaha. Sometimes i sit and dream of what to give you guys next,  sometimes i wonder just how much you guys can take of me.  There too i laugh. {but you know there is an escape button top right corner}, just click it or tell THEDOGHOUSE what you like to read, but nothing to hard . . .Like politics or lots of other things other BLOGGER’S blog about. I only blog about what i know, and that is STUFF about life in General. What can i say . . .I’m a dog and i sniff around.

Christmas Past so how did you do.

  1. Did you hang in and hang on
  2. Did you do your best to keep smiling
  3. Did you take small minutes to speak to your Lord asking to get you through it

Well you made it . . .Christmas past, now make it until next Christmas.


3 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS PAST

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