I was asked, “Why do people blog, why do i blog , why do idiots blog”.   This got me thinking. so i thought and said.

Blogging is considered to be a fun pass-time for zillions of people including idiots.

All bloggers like or Love to blog.

But for what reason they blog i can’t answer that.  Bloggers blog for their own fulfillment.

But for an idiot blogging is one of the smartest things they can do.

WHY?                        I will tell you.

As an idiot myself , blogging helps to clean out thoughts wandering around in my head. Once it is blogged i can move on to other invasions of thoughts. Blogging is a good pass time for me as i need to write.  Sometimes i think i was kissed at birth by to many muses . . .Ha   ha   funny joke, this only causes me to be the idiot i am. My mind rambles on at times and i can not get the stuff out fast enough.   But the stuff i do get out is a help on my brain. [If you know what i mean]. I’m just saying i could be standing in line at the grocery store and the only thing in my mind is a story! This causing me not to be very well focused as to what is going on around me, because i am in my head lost in a scenario killing or laughing or whatever the case may be.   Of course people are aware of my confusion and play along one may say . . .Sometimes i go days at a time locked in stories in my head and all i do is hide and write until i can not. The problem is i have things that i can not put in a blog and have to go days on end scribbling stories down on paper.  Then i have written article all over the place.  But that is mainly because i have to keep moving my work for this table to that spot or take it over there.   Frig.  Then i tend to lose things by putting them away for safe keeping. So . . .I would answer your question about,  is blogging wise for idiots,  to be yes.

That i blog.   Damn . . .Never mind!

I just realized even though i blog i still can not find where i blogged it or on which site. There for Is blogging wise for idiots? Doesn’t it all just depend on whether the idiot is a, {a what}, i can’t even think of a word to put down. How about calculated. Would an idiot even think to have a log-book saying where they put something and what they called it? I can not answer your question.

I’m just saying.


To blog that is.  So i will say yes to you.

Then the same person asked what do Idiots blog about?   What do you blog about?   Me?   I don’t know. Just stuff in my head.



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