Your are told to drink water from child-birth. Sometimes they don’t tell you why.  They lead you to believe you are not special enough to have what they are having. So we don’t drink water.   We refuse water to drink only bath in it drinking other substances, unless of course it is mixed with things like; coffee, tea, booze, kool-aid or what ever the case may be. But we do not go get a glass of water. Unless we have to.

When we have to drink water it is like a punishment or demanded or something there like that. You call it how you feel it. Yuck. water. Then you force a glass down your palate telling yourself you should drinking more often. But you don’t. You wait until next time.  But then sometimes you do go on a drinking water binge. Not often and not a lot.  Only when your body feels like it is shutting down. Everybody knows when they need water.

When you need water. And i am not talking want a glass of water or a bottled water, i am talking NEED WATER OR FALL DOWN. Then once you are there what are you going to do? Crawl? Drag your body? What.  What will you do. Beg for help, [i need water], and hope someone is there to get or give you water.

Now- how long do you have before what water you have left in your body allows you to live.  

We should be taught right from the start WATER IS LIFE TO OUR BODIES.

We did a strike through to call attention to water is life without water you wither and die.  Meaning, to wither is to dry with-in. Like a plant or flower, stuff like that, if it has no water it withers and dies.

We gave this a strike so you will remember without water you wither and die.

At this very moment she felt the crave of water.

The girl knew she did not have long before she would fall but she had to find SAM.   It is crucial that she finds Sam. NOW!  This gave her options.

  • Carry on.
  • Get water.
  • Fall down.

Sure she soaked in it over night,  in that Shower-stall Sam built for her plus part of the morning.   When she woke and felt strong enough to start her hunt for Sam off she went.  Not one thought in her head about drinking water. The only thought in her head is today is the twenty-seventh day.

She is not sure how long she has as the water needed is miles behind her. The travel would be all the way back to the cabin then up the mountain.

When we last left this girl who came out of the wind crashing onto, into Sam way back when. She was dying. Sam carried her withering body into the stall he built special with the two red buttons. [ one slap and on with the water]. Great job. But she was dying.  Sam himself had doubts she would live. He only hope his idea worked as it would work if she was laying in the fresh clean pure river water. Sam came to know this water is essential or death.

The plumber he is, he was, during the army, he piped the river mountain pure clean fresh water, down to the cabin just for her. It took him three days, the nights and days. Sam wanted to keep this girl out of the wind. She called him Sam he called her nothing. He just spoke, when she spoke or Sam just spoke. He cares nothing of names, there is no one else around ever. He told her as he placed her MORPHING body into the water that is was indeed from the river fresh and pure.

  1. He told her to live he Loved her.
  2. He told her he would be back.
  3. He did not tell her she could drink the water.

He did not think he had to nor did it ever occur to him it was critical that he tell her to drink the water. [He just naturally figured she would]. She would not. She did not know. She was dying, drying out, she was morphing, she was OUT! What did she hear?

She heard PAIN! Nothing more.

Atom clusters of five cells burning her out from the inside causing morph. Bugoid or sky. She did not hear Sam at all nor was she aware he carries her there, to the Shower-stall he created for her.    She does how ever remember coming to in time to ask for MEAT!    Not water. She wanted meat. Raw-ish meat! And he gathered two pounds of meat leaving it in sight of her when and if her eyes opened.  Yes right there in the cold clean pure river mountain water.

She ate this and it of course had water on it in it as it soaked in the water along with her until she had the strength to eat it. That was enough water for her, so she thought.  It was not. She thought she had time to find Sam. Now here she is gasping holding onto a tree resting. Pondering the question of just what to do. Go back or try to make it just slow down. 

To crave something is to NEED it! Not want it, NEED it. [Major difference] all together. Need and want. Want and need. She needed water. She wanted Sam. The water she craved would save her life. The wanting Sam would kill her. She started back for the water slowing her pace, which of course made her visible to the human eye, to see a running naked woman in the brush. But she had no choise Sam placed her naked body in the stall.  When she woke she did not search the house for notes, she just went for Sam. So she would not know that Sam bought her a red dress, which was lying where he left it in the cabin. She moves like the wind, naked eye can not see her, there was no need to even think about cloths, she figured she would find a line of hanging cloths on the way. She took off. Like the wind. She could smell him but he was not close. Plus the signs she hung around the house were gone! Yeah . . .sam took them to show Cleveland. And that is where Sam is now, with Cleve and Sarophia. The four-year old child who told him she has to dance THE BEE DANCE.

To save the world the place she wanted to live. With Sam. Today is the day EARTH was warned of. The twenty-seventh day the world will be not longer EARTH – SISTER MARS


Warnings were sent to your leaders twenty-seven days ago.

Your LEADERS can not PROTECT you.

High noon we take YOUR MOTHER EARTH

You can not kill us

 You can not stop us.


Cleveland knew nothing of any Government warnings nor did any man woman human living out of LEADERSHIP did. These warning were not put forth. they were laughed at like a big joke.  you know, kind of like. [What kind of prank is this these ].  What can take over the earth and turn it to dust. Really what is out there that we don’t know what is out there. Nothing. Mankind think they know everything.   These Leaders thought another scare hoax of [Take over the world] we have nuclear weapons of mass destructions and if you don’t do this or do that we will blow you up. 

That is leadership for you . . .They read and think what they want, but do what they will, by threatening to wipe out your country. ONLY THING IS  . . .The warnings were not nuclear of any kind. The warnings were pacific. WE WILL TAKE YOUR EARTH IN TWENTY-SEVEN DAYS

What Cleveland did was use his calculations as to what was happening and to what extent it was happening at. He saw up close HOT WHITE it tore his face bit down into his flesh. He almost died if not for the little girl he found, she nursed him to life with the water. {While she screamed at a few bees} swatting at them crying she wanted to go home. She wanted her mom and her dog. Cleveland knew in his heart this little girl is to save the earth.


Oh yeah and right now, this little girl, SAROPHIA, is with Cleveland and Sam who are stopped dead at a train wreckage,  where Perch died, and the little one has to pee. On the train. I have to pee she said.  Well now Sam says . . .You better talk that out with old Cleve over there. Sam knows nothing about girls, let alone four-year old girls. And  he his with Sarophia while Cleveland is checking for people. No people, red dust.  Sarophia was taken to a patch of brush by Cleveland where she could releive herself. But not without a speech of some sorts as to how big girls pee before they get in a car and or how only little girls don’t know when to pee which makes them babies too.  But he would chuckle at her as to not to sound mean.  Which he did sound. But not out of being mean, it was the only way he knew how to be.  Just honest and tell you how it is. No harm intended. Good hearted teasing you to get you to learn.

It’s not my fault i have to pee you know. That is what she called back to him.  Yes i know that. He said. He told her this train is eating up their time and they didn’t need to waste more time about whose fault it is. Just stop talking and pee. 

Cleve and Sam had to think fast as to how to get around this pile-up, time is ticking.    High noon

Choices have to be made all the time,  by everyone,  whether it be simple,  small or nothing at all,  to something devastating at every moment of lives.  Like the choices now.  Do i read over what was typed or do i just leave. I got to go.

The end for now . . .Got to work on NORA

Great day from THEDOGHOUSE










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