Go a head.

Sit there and ignore me

It’s more than likely it’s a good thing, probably a  safer thing if you know what i mean.

Though nothing is going to get violent unless you make it violent, i’m just going to sit here and talk and there is nothing can do about it. Nothing harmful of course, unless again you make it that way.

Oh please feel free to leave at any moment, i’m used to it, i won’t take offence.

I’m sorry though

this is how i am. I talk. probably because i’m never allowed to. Well people just don’t hear me.

But when it happens to many times in a row, it doesn’t matter where i am, i can’t stop talking until i just stop. It’s not as funny as it sounds and you probably don’t find any of this funny.

But it’s funny to me because i am stuck here with you. You probably think i’m nuts. But i’m not. I’m just not finished talking.

I’m about to laugh now, but not at you.   Me.   Cause i’m out of control and you can’t help me.

[Well what do you think of that]

Poor guy, must of driven him nuts, when i woke-up, he was gone.




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