When i was but a young boy it was always in my head learned resources taught me well.

I’m just a girl,  kind of mixed-up, sometimes i get crazy, sometimes i get mad,  look out now,  i’m a  man, just a girl my resources taught me well

My resources  taught me well


Just a starlet

I get crazy,  from time to time, i remember back then,  i’da clock you out,  and back then, resources came out,  posing like a big man, just a girl in a strut like a big man, but just a girl

My resources taught me well

with the boy in my head, playing back then, when i’m just a girl and it’s all in my head when i was a good boy way back then in my head, i’m just a girl i learned resources, kept it all stored

up in my head

when i’m with you,  in my head now a man, i stand instead

I’m just a girl,  i can’t keep-up,  what’s a head of me, holding back

stay the man,  in the girl,  the boy that you were, hold up your head, keep your guard do your best,  look your prettiest,  your the man with resources from that boy, that you were way back then         

I’m just a girl

out of my head being the boy that which i grew not even you i’m just a girl, just a girl, with resources. from the boy that i was

a good boy

in my head once again you pissed me off just a girl

now a man who takes a stand wacked and crazy guards his post but just a girl,  then the boy,  steps out,   back away, time is ticking clock out

I get crazy     when i’m nuts   resources come crashing in

When i was but a young boy,   it was always   in my head i’m just a girl. I get crazy but it’s the young boy & his resources in my head

{Odd what i choose to share with you my readers}, but oddly enough, you are the only people who i think listen to me rather the people around here.  Alarmingly enough these here people don’t listen to a word i say, let alone allow me any air time that i flap my lips. So my only option is to have you people

Oh joy    some of you may be thinking-while i am laughing-i have you the people  to blab away at.

[But in all fairness i think it is safe to say i have but offended one or two readers up until now], never ment to,  but this is sad.


The resources,   in my head   from the boy way back then, in my head, i’m a girl,  but a boy & his resources

That i was,  but just a girl, & his resources, from way back then-now a man here i stand i’m just a girl.

I’m just a girl

I’m just a girl

I’m just a girl the young boy and his resources i get crazy in my head

i get crazy      inmyhead

one two three go,  from the boy,  that i was,  way back then

The young boy song     & his resources.







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