IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER AND YOU LIKE TO PLACE PICTURES-Pictures that you took yourself then add to your computer that is.

The new “ADD MEDIA” is the place to go.

Once you understand how it works it is a blast to use, Quicker  way Faster. After my first  two attempts failed  me.

[As you know i do not have the brain compacity for understanding instructions]

But after understanding what this NEW  “Add media”  can do, I AM HOOKED.

Not only can i now just click click and click, it saves time by the minutes posting pictures instead of one at a time. [At least in my case].

But then again i am having a hard time of it getting at FRESH PICTURES. Retrieving one at a time, then going through all the pictures collected by “Add Media” to find the picture placed in this arrangement of used pictures.

There is a good possibility THEDOGHOUSE is barking for nothing again. Nothing new here. This old shaggy dog sniffs in the wrong shit at times. Just to prove it,  let’s go get a picture to post that i took today.

Look how easy that was.   Took about thirty-five seconds or less. ADD MEDIA? Your the best.





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