Pencils Dicks or lunatics, spaced out people or drunks.

As long as these types of character’s are harmless liking them all sounds fun. Five minutes of their time will last a life time-as you will never forget your meeting.

I was in the same room with a lunatic once and it was not funny at all this person could hear their brother talking from the other side of the moon. [Scarry] Exit left stage and i’m outta of there.

I was once stuck with a drunk person once and for the first five minutes it was rather funny, then things got out of hand as they almost burned down the kitchen wanting to B-B-Q stake!  Yes! Inside. Try telling a drunk The B-B-Q belongs outside.

As for being stuck with a person who is spaced out  at the time? That gets a little Harry especially if this person is thinking someone is out to get them. YOU! Even . . .This starts out somewhat funny but Quickly turns into a night-mare when he/she thinks you are there to hurt them in some way. Or they Hari you to death . Or want to play I-Spy. [You are never going to see what they are seeing  so forget it]. It is not fun anymore when they get up set, [ you still can’t guess what they are seeing].  It’s GOD  I see GOD.   Okay exit left stage outta there.

Now a pencil dick? . . .To be around a pencil dick and have the most fun you have had in a long time.  Pencil-dicks are and happen to be fun people to be with. This is a guarantees you now they allow you to call them [PENCIL-DICK],  in the first place.  Meaning they like to clown around keeping things fun, jolly and easy-go-lucky. But don’t confuse yourself thinking these kind of people are dumb and know nothing . . .They know plenty they also know their limit as to how far you are willing to push them into amusing you. Quite pleasant people the pencil-dick people.  Smart too.

So there you go . . .Funny things



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