This is when you are changing your lifestyle bits at a time doing your best to fit in somewhere in your life instead of living life.

Why do people do this you may ask.


These kind of people have trouble fitting in with others because they feel something is different between themselves and you.

You are probably asking what are these differences and why you.

[At least] you. You should be aware of how you make anyone feel!  Simple as that at times. But lots of times it has nothing to do with you at all. You just happen to be in this person’s life in some way or another. Most of the time this kind of living stems from the root that raised you. Loving you, tender, kind or who gives a rat ass the kid has legs and he/she can get it for themselves or beat. The kind of up-bringing you have had, has a tremendous impact on how you walk through this life.  This is for each and every boy/girl on earth.   Yeah? Say’s who  you may ask. Says you should you ask.

Life is not simple tho’ life should be. We are born and we survive the best way we are taught. Un like the cave-man . . .Savages all of them or not eat or not have or kill just to survive. Well it is not like that any more-we have civilised our selves but again to what extent. Making it NOT SIMPLE-NOT FOR ALL THOSE PEOPLE FEELING THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOU.

In all likely-hood the not-fitting-in-people, were beat or slapped-out or called [nothing but stupid], [you will never amount to anything], [you are good for nothing], [i don’t know why i ever kept you]. Then this child grows up,  put in a class room with other children, smart kids. [They were taught you were not]. So now they call you slow and other names and no one plays with you but they call you dumb and other names.  You end up bullied for life sort of speak.

When really it is all simple. Learn to learn that you can and don’t let anyone bother you about how you are unless you asked them some questions, which allowes you to find out,  what they, don’t know. Now how smart are you.

How is anyone greater than you or you them. It is easy to learn you just have to listen and ask questions just like everyone else-the smart ones-who were already taught by Loving caring teaching parents. Then you will learn fast because you are older now, that you can indeed learn in a quicker pace than them without wasting the time or years it may have taken them to learn-cause we all can learn if we want to. It is how bad do you want to learn and how bad you want to fit in. 

I guess God gave us earth and water air and light, it is up to us to do the rest and learn how to fit in no matter how or who you feel you are, you have the right to fit in with the same amount of rules as any other human being. It is not who will accept you, it is who will you accept.

Life is not simple-not for all. There is always going to be bullies and they come in all shapes and sizes. Take a good look around. Who is the one person in charge right now ? . .YOUR ANSWER SHOULD BE[yourself] If you did not say [yourself] you got the question wrong!

If life was simple for you, you would have said that you, were in charge of you [ at all times] . Sure you may have a BOSS, but . . .You still have to be in charge of you. THIS IS YOUR DUTY IN LIFE-SIMPLE

And if you can’t take care of you who is there that can or will or should for that matter.


You can teach yourself to fit in if you just take the first step.  The first step is get out there with people, watch and listen to how they are-this does not make you wrong this makes things different between you. More than likely there are thousands of other people who feel the same way you do, only you don’t know these people. So it is up to you to seek out anyone like you should you,  be one of the ones, who feel they don’t fit in and are always looking for ways to continue to change who they are.

How do you do this you may ask . . .

# 1.  By remembering step one.

Which is to go out and watch and listen to everyone, you will find all kinds of people like you, only they will not think exactly like you as they are not you. They only possess some to minor, similarities of your way of thinking, which is great! You have someone to talk to on said topics henceforth-fitting in.

Who feels life is not simple-not for all? There happen to be plenty of people who can see when someone is feeling left out or shoved a side or something there like. Those are the people you allow into your life -they will and can help guide you with Love and care. Which is what we really want-to be Loved and cared for.  This makes life so simple which it is not simple-not for all.









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