In the quiet of the early morning Cleveland’s eyes sprang open. He lay there collecting himself for seconds then sat-up getting off the bench he spent the last Twenty-seven days. Healing with the aid of Sarophia. The four-year old child.

TODAY HE WOULD TAKE THE GIRL TO THE CITY. Take her to the HOT WHITE. In his heart this would save for


Cleveland knew without these three main things we as HUMANS can not exist. He would tell people Bees and Bats are nothing to be afraid of, bees & bats give you life, without bees and bats we will get sick and die. They both spread the seed of life.

Cleveland told Sarophia the facts about bees and bats and that they do not want to hurt her, [he had to], she turned into a mad screaming banshee when she disturbed a sleeping bat, putting the fear of hell run through Cleveland’s resting soul.  He jump up ready to kill anything that moved.  Only thing moving was the crying child and a frantic bat needing to escape.  Once he calmed the child down it was not long before the bat vanished out of sight and all was quiet.

Little girl you and me, we are having a talk, Cleve here is going to tell you a story about BEES & BATS then we can fix something to eat, i’ll let you poke at the frying eggs if you think you can do it without burning yourself. So what are you going to do stand there and cry like a baby or listen to my story about the bats and bees while we eat. Sarophia gave a nod of her small head. Her hair hung in long ringlets-curls,  leaving little to see of her face.

Cleveland was feeling not so bad and is happy of it. He feels like he could chop a tree or one good core of wood.  He looked at the little girl telling her she should tie her hair back out of her face before he would let her near the pot-belly stove.  Sure she nag a little about it but gave into the helping cook scenario.

She was having trouble do this kind of tie, it was behind her head and she just learned to tie her shoes, but that is in front of her.   Giddy,  watching the child’s fair attempts,  to do this, Cleveland tied the string then handed her a fork saying. Think you can hold this without poking your eyes out. Then he laughed.  Sarophia looked pretty with her hair off her face. She took the fork and giggled as he cracked an egg into the skittle. He told her to, go on, poke that yoke and stir it up while i tell you about the BEES & BATS.  Sarophia was delighted and this delight was aglow her face.  She shone brilliant as she poked at the yolks in the eggs. All three of them.

Cleveland started his story to her as he stood on the opposite side of the small wood stove browning two pieces of bread into toast. He would brown two more.  He told her why creatures are made small in size,  compared to her big size, because flowers are small if we stood on them the flower would die. These small things land on the flower spread pollen which makes more life plus . . .Bees and bats don’t hurt us unless we hurt them. That if people do not want to be bothered you can’t wash with any soap that smells like flowers. No perfume and smelly stuff in your hair. Then they think you are a flower and come see for themselves.  You have to stink and they won’t bother you. Then he said . . .And little girl,  you stink. Then laughed.  Sarophia giggled out a brightness as she rocked back and forth on her feet telling him she didn’t stink. They had fun. Sarophia was forgetting all her fears, she was warming up to this man who saved her from the root-celler she would still be,  if Cleveland  would have died 27 days ago.   She felt safe right now with this man.

She understood that her mother was one of hundreds to die in their town.  But this man didn’t, he was different. Plus, he never hurt her giving her cause to hide in fear of him for her life.  But he did tease her a lot, she thought ,  just like Jimmy Pear used to,  every time they play together. Except Jimmy would always tell her that she had a face on her like a can of worms. They would both laugh. She liked Cleveland now,  he was getting used to her and her cry-baby ways saying all girls are cry-babies anyway not like boys.  By the time the eggs and toast was cooked and put on two plates he ended his story of bees and bats saying.

Don’t eat bat shit and you won’t get sick, see, if you would use your head instead of all that whining and crying you would learn important things, then he slid one of the hot plates over to her telling her to eat it all and take that honey and put a scoop of it on the side of her dish and stick the egg and toast in it. He told her.  Hurry and eat while it’s hot-it’s better for you that way, listen to what i say little girl and Cleve teach you something. Then he laughed. She laughed too calling him silly. Then he asked her how to spell her name and told her when she finishes eating to wash her face with the cloth and show him how smart she is dancing the bee dance. Cleveland  watched her small body move about like a busy bee,  he watched as she mapped out directions and distance with her steps not missing a beat.  Then  they went through the steps buzzing together,  step for step wagging their rumps hands stretched out high,  waving in a frenzy. When they were finished clapping at each other’s performance,  he told her she had to change her cloths and  tossed her some rags and told her to get dressed, they are going to the big city. The only thing she said was,  Black and yellow?   Come on we are running out of time, he said. People just don’t understand just how important time is. Now go on . . .Get these on and don’t start that crying. When she came back to Cleveland dress as told he burst out laughter, she looked like a tiny black and yellow jail-bird.

Sarophia stood with her small hands on her hips. Not funny! She said.

Time was passing.  They needed to be in town well before high-noon just to prepare for this WAR. And only,  time will tell should his plan work. Cleveland loaded the hives in the back of his truck placing and tieing down a strong tarp getting ready for the long drive to the city.



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