By the time Sam got to the girl she had been wabbling on one foot for the last ten days. Her right foot was broke in two different spots. She needed water now. And by now Sam came to know this of her. That is why he was looking for her in the first place when she took him down once again.Same dirrections each time . . .From the water. Sam figured it out.  Who ever this girl is,  her life support is clearly water. He devised a special shower. Right now she is fighting her best to stop the conversions in the atoms forcing a Morph.

She could feel a madness chewing her insides out wanting to take over this human form. Forcing her to choose  BUGOID or HOT WHITE.

These conversions would force her to feed. She could burn out BLAST or she could kill.  Her time is running short. Sam mended the broken bone in the foot as best as he could and did the only thing he knew to do. He encased the whole foot right up to her mid-calf with cement.

Both times the girl went missing from his cabin Sam had constructed a proper sized shower room. Top half, thick panes of glass, from the waste down was a Beautiful granite wall, magnificent job really.  He was back from shopping getting everything on his list-one Elephant sized shower head and a large RED button.

She was not in the cabin of course, when he got back. Sam really was not expecting her to be there anyways.  The girl left every couple of days for three days at a time,  but she always returned to him. Sam had started anticipating her returns.  One time he followed her, she happened to in the start-set of conversions. He was lucky her state of mind was working in the humanitarians state,  of wanting to live  life and Love.  To be HUMAN. Not  BUGOID or HOT WHITE.  This will be death for SAM. At least to morph into this walking-lizard life form she may have time to leave Sam and go in search of the feed. Right now atoms began to spread this human vessel causing her to cry out.

Sam installed the two new items on his shopping list,  using the wisdom of his plumbing skills. In the army with Steve , they were the water boys. Sam and Steve had water scout duty mapping out ways to and from a stream of clean drinking water,  for the whole of the patroon. Sam and Steve were experts finding and running water from anywhere suitable.  So Sam was already connected to the river,  the only source of water where he lived. Now with a few minor changes,  Sam carried the girl into the new casement and  carefully placed her down, left the room closing the clear glass door behind him. As soon as he heard the impact of the closed-door he slammed his right hand on a large red button, instantly releasing cool clean river water to wash down over her whole body.

He thought, perfect shopping  item to put on a list, shower head fit for an Elephant. He looked at the dim body of the girl on the floor , then he thought,  something sharp,  cut into his flesh when he stood up to leave the shower room. Only because an area on his left arm felt like it was on fire. This caused him to inspect his arm finding something he thought,  was a scale from a fish. He pulled it out  there would be no reason to be hooked with a fish-scale.   It had to be Her’s.

He hoped he could save her, he knew she would not go anywhere in wind and he knew she needed water, but that was all. Sam had no idea what so ever what would happen if she had no water. Not a clue. But he did know how she became just to get to it, if she waited to long to make her way to it. Sam would wait until she stop the water from inside with her own RED BUTTON.

When things are not excepted, they are converged-where as the big boys are happy. But not you. You have choices . . .Allow these converges or demand that this conflict be abolished. This girl had to have a name and Sam was thinking what it might be. But it has crossed the girls mind several times wanting to tell him something.  She just did not know how to converge her name into something he could say or remember for that matter. After all  she was snatch from her home MARS what name would she be.

Sam felt it would be safe if he left watch for a while and go check if the REd  DRESS, another item on the list, would be wrinkle free. he wanted her to have something else for her to wear beside his cloths. She looked silly in his cloths. They were to big for her. Besides,  he wanted the use of his cloths back.  Red Dress will have to do. He turn ed looking back one last time before he disappeared into another part of the cabin.

Besides . . .Sam was really interested in her strange markings and would like very much to know what it all means and he was going to find out one way or the other. Right now should she perish there is no other. Well that he knew of , but he figured there had to be others or she was expecting to have contact with others-the marking look like they had to messages of some sort. Sam went back to check the water and her.  He had place a fair-sized rubber-mat over the drain holes in the shower to collect the water, letting the wet coolness swell around her. The water was up around her nose.  He watched until she was under and turned the shower-head off.

So that is what is going on with Sam and the girl right now.  But with Cleveland and Sarophia, things are going different.

The converges happening between the two of them is a whole different water park.   This little four-year old girl wants to go home, while  Cleveland,  is trying his best to keep her from crying and acting like a baby. According to Cleveland all girls act like little babies and just don’t want to learn certain things, where he figures people should learn everything they can while they can and stop that crying.

Here have a chocolate-chip cookie, do you like chocolate-chip cookies? See that jar up on the shelf, go get it and give it to me, i’ll open it and you can have a cookie . . .If you stop crying,  crying is for baby, go on get me that jar. Cleveland smiled at the child then gave a small laugh, he pointed over to the jar on the cupboard. Go on he told her one more time, only this time she went. Then he said. And after you eat that cookie your going to do the bee dance again and show me you can do it right this time. Then he laughed more at her.

I don’t want cookies. I’m not going to do no more bee dance, so there. I’m tired and you made me dance twenty-five hours.   Cleveland gave a good hearty laugh at her statement of 25 hours. He was lucky if he could stay coherent for more than an hour at a time, where he would get hot with sweats and his head would spin, causing him to rest or sleep.

Well what if you get old Cleve here a cookie you got nothing else to do, well.  Sarophia turned and looked at the cookies for a moment. Then she said . Fine.  He said,  while you’re at it bring me some more cold water from the pump . . .Please and bring the cloth too.

Sarophia did as she was asked and ate two choclolate-chip cookies. When she was finished she did dance for Cleveland. She did the bee dance, wagging her rump waving her little arms and getting her figure-eight-circle just right. Sarophia also learned to give off a loud enough buzz hum as she fanned her small hands through the air.  The little girl has learned to turn in her tracks changing the message she is to send to the bees. What when where . Cleveland fell asleep.

He knew the time was coming for the end. He would take Sarophia to the city just before the feed high noon.

In the meantime when Sarophia was not crying, dancing or taking care of Mr. Rupert she was making strange markings.

Well i hope my converging up to now are of some what of an in-sight as to what has happened in Avonmore and is about to happen in the city.   As you know,  hundreds of hot white will need to feed high-noon giving birth of six new entities each. Six razor-sharp teeth on top and six razor-sharp on the bottom. Three blinding red flashes followed by death-defying screeches  and you are nothing but dry red dust.



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