I’m tired of people tell me how to live, what to do, what i can and what i can not have.  I’m tired of people telling me what to believe in or who to believe in and how or why.

I can’t understand why people feel the need to tell people what to do in the first place rather than they don’t see things in life the same way . . .Even then why is their way right.

I’m tired of people enforcing their ROCK, curses upon me in order for me to adhere to their vision of life.

I like rocks. I RELISH the search over the surface of any angle the rock may have. I look for faces of any kind. I like what the rock represents to me, a picture if you will, in my mind. Like food, distance, color, time,  Never anything evil.  Then i ask what you may see in each rock. OH WAIT A MINUTE!

Never mind . . .I just realized while chatting to you that my little rock game is not a good thing after all.

As it turns out . . .I am indeed telling a fortune.[THIS IS WRONG]. The BIBLE tells us so.

Man, i was just having fun . . .Telling my player’s: You like eating white cake; You want to paint your house green; Wow you are going to go far away to get carrots.

 Dumb stuff, nothing serious nothing death.

So what is the big deal that i play this little rock game?

I guess through-out History we have people born into brain problems, [of what kind], that is not important. Just the fact that a problem does exist in one’s  said mind,  is indeed the problem!  These people WILL take my little game to heart and think and or wait for a reading to take place, getting disturbed.

In some cases this may be a cause of an early grave for the reader.

Not a good game,  this Rock reading curse is well understood.  Lesson learned. 


Oh God . . .Forget i said that too.

WE have country’s that stone their people to death. I think i’m just going to quit the whole rock talk for now. Cookies anyone, i got creamed filled ones.

But i still collect and look for rocks, i just see the beauty in the features of each and every stone.

Should you come to THEDOGHOUSE,  you may just say.