Where do the thoughts in your mind go when they are disrupted, a thought storage bin or something there like that?

Hey where did that thought just go . . .Hey what was i thinking. What happened to that.

How do things just vanish in the first place.   Now you see it now you don’t. Pardon me? We look around wondering what went missing or was it even there. Faster than the eye. A snap of a twig. Just like that . . .Sam was gone. Now you see him standing from a squat following foot-prints, now you don’t.

Minutes before his vanishing another MORPHING happened miles away sending dangerous winds carrying in HOT WHITE needing to harbour into  HUMAN BEINGS or parish!

KA-BAM! Sam was gone. Not even a sign of his one shopping bag he was carrying was anywhere. La Poof!

Can we measure-thoughts-against-moving wind. Why not? Thoughts come and go like the wind.

Sam opened his eyes around two-twenty-seven in the afternoon. His first response was to take hold of his head.   With the right handing still holding the top side of his banging, pounding, brain,  Sam rolled up and out of bed, where he lay for a little over two hours.  Down by his feet, the very shopping bag, sat, just sitting.

Then he thought about the girl,  and where she might be. Then he thought he was up the  mountain, then he thought about foot-prints. But not for long . . .Sam was distracted by knockings about the cabin and went to see what was going on.  Crazy wind storm was tossing light weighted items about, picking up dirty placing it around.

Sam went through the cabin making sure all windows were closed. They were. Then he went back and picked up the shopping bag and took out the dress he chose for the girl, where ever she was.  He chose to buy her a nice red dress. Sam liked red. Red reminded him not only of the dead . . .Living people wore it. Red was a hard color to like coming from the army.  It took Sam a long time to get used to the color. Besides, one evening out with Steve they both watched  as  this real hot boom-shell of a woman, savvy into the establishment they were having a few drinks in.  And by the size of this girl Sam could tell she was going to look mighty fine.  Something like they say when women look as good going as they do coming.

Right now she is sleeping in the darkness of his cellar safe from any wind that may get into the place. Right now everything was pretty air tight. She woke! She need to feed.


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