Define intentions.Your intentions were [TO HAVE or TO DO SOMETHING or HELP or what ever your intentions are At That Time].

INTENTIONS are never really clear in your mind  until the end or ending of a happening.  Then the intentions need to be invalided.

Were these intentions to hurt or to gain happiness.

Now this has to be obtained.     TRUTH OR DARE

Intentions need to be understood before i acted upon. 

 Sometimes your intentions lead you blindly into grasping, craving wanting needs.  I should write a book on ” How not to Live a life of intentions ” Or ” Know when you are living amongst intentions.

Sounds like fun, to write a book of intentions. Oh wait a minute! Sounds like it would not be a good thing after all . . .People could get hurt by way of my intentions which it’s not my intention to give ideas that may come in handy to cause harm. My only intentions were to help people to understand INTENTIONS can keep you locked inside your mind.   Intentions can be a disorder like any other mind holding state. Google it! it. To be condemned through your intentions can be a very bad thing for you if you do not ask yourself what are you doing!

What are you doing with your time. What are your daily routine habits? Are you at sound peace in your mind?{These are just examples} of steps that should be taken when you do ask yourself, what am i doing.


Why do we need intentions.

Good question – Intentions are useful for a certain type of people. THE DEPRESSED. Intentions come in handy for things like. 

  1. Getting by each day.
  2. Something to look forward.
  3. Looking for Love.

WAIT A MINUTE . . .There is always the INTENTION to HARM or even worse. Those are different people.[Scary people], we don’t talk about scary people here at THEDOGHOUSE. Dogs and scary stuff , just don’t get along.

Sometimes intentions start out great but start turning sour. This is a WARNING SIGN to STOP what you are intending and go paint a picture or sew a blanket or get a job, ride a horse, fly a plane anything but what you WERE INTENDING.

Learn to understand when you are stuck on a one way track, then, Move on with your live.





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