What they did not know,  was,  she already had the pop-gun cocked and loaded.

You  know . . .The little plastic darts with the rubber sucker

English: Pop Gun Cork

English: Pop Gun Cork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on the end of them, that only stick to things when wet.

There she was armed and ready.

He bit down hard on his own teeth and charged her.

POW! . . .Right in the eye.

Human eye

Human eye (Photo credit: dullhunk)

And YES!  . . .It stuck because it was wet.

He stopped running. Just like that, BAM!   Right in the eye.

To bad it was her own eye though.             Not really though.

They took what they wanted and left, saying . . .Your prints are all over that pop-gun girly.


YOUR GUNS GO BANG BANG MY GUNS GO POP POP (Photo credit: lundgrenphotography)

Then he tossed her a quarter saying it was for the call, heads you win tails you lose!

I can’t even freak-in see!

The quite made her think they were waiting for her to see if indeed doom was upon her. She did her best to look for the coin.  This was hard . . .The one eye held a plastic dart with a freaking sucker and the other eye did not want to open . . .Funny funny funny, she said.

Well you might as well tell me what it is, i can’t see dick!   She giggled . . .I can’t see dick . . .I mean i can’t see anything.

Well say something . . .Anything!   Nothing.

What they did not know was the epitome of it all was, she was alone the whole time. Turned out she was playing outside with a kid, play acting, showing off. Teaching the kid

A Christmas greeting card sent home by a Germa...

A Christmas greeting card sent home by a German POW in the UK in 1918 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

how to be fast and straight.  But in her minds-eye she now has a plastic dart with a sucker on the end of it and it is wet!

She is not going to let anyone pull that dart out of her eye ever! . . .Touch that sucker and you’re a dead man.  Her bra would become an eye-patch and she can see out of the other eye now and she is still looking for that quarter.

Moral of this story is . . .When you are play-acting in your head remember it’s still in your head.  When you are play-acting in your head planning things out they are not real. There should be no actions coming from your hands, as you will look CRAZY!  Especially when passersby just watched you shoot yourself in the eye with a plastic dart with a sucker on the end of it . . .And it’s really wet now.

To many witness for any insurances of any kind.

Then her only hope is to claim CRAZY.          NOW . . .

She safely walks the corridors of an insane asylum, wearing her bra on her eye conjuring up all sorts of play-acting things out in her head . . .ONLY NO TOYS ALLOWED

I guess you should always,  think before you do.  Remember where you are.

A stereotypical caricature of a pirate.

A stereotypical caricature of a pirate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Know you are out of the plan, or you will end up where she is singing . . .

Yippie-i-ee    Yippie-i-aa   gonna shoot you in the eye.    Yippie-i-ee    Yippie-i-aa gonna next time end the play, gonna get you in the eye, Yippie-i-ee  Yippie-i-aa  gonna shoot you in the eye.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, i hope you got something out of this. If you did not, then see you around the hall-ways someday, Yee-haw!.

I will never forget the time when i was play-acting i was one of Charlies Angels, and hand-cuffed to the steering-wheel of my car . . .That did not turn out very good either.









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