CONFUSION at times can keep your mind on a one way track.  This is not a good thing.

Confucius say. . .Man with hand in pocket has cocky feeling. Woman with hand in pocket has stinky fingers.  Odd how that is but none the less,  when confusion sets in we

From Confusion Hill

From Confusion Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

spend hours and days even trying to understand.

What THEDOGHOUSE does not understand is how THE LAW does not apply equally between man and woman if you are a Police Officer.

I  am confused as to why Police officers are obliged to offend in the most profound way and they don’t get jail time.


What happens when a non POLICE OFFICER is caught with child porn on their computers. Do they get thrown in jail? lose their job? Loose their pay check? Yes i am right, right?

Now when an OFFICER of the LAW is caught with porn luring in young boys, why does the same law not apply to him? Why does this OFFICER OF THE LAW NOT GO TO JAIL?

Why does he only get suspended with PAY?

Set-Up Shot

Set-Up Shot (Photo credit: efleming)

This police officer is a man like any man. The only difference is this man choose to be an OFFICER OF THE LAW TO SERVE AND PROTECT!

I don’t understand why this pedophile does not lose everything like anyone else and go to jail. I don’t get it.

What does this teach our young victims . . .What else . . .If you are an officer of the law you can do anything you want against the law and still earn your pay.  Which tells us they are

Police officer (U.S.) taking fingerprints

Police officer (U.S.) taking fingerprints (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nobody special . . .They can dishonor with honor because they belong to a force and wear a badge.

This dog is getting crazy wondering why this officer is not in jail.

Hurry up . . .Hold your hand straight. I have to get back to my child porn.

Sorry if i offend anyone over this  but a perv is a perv is a perv and no matter what badge they hide behind THE LAW WAS MADE FOR ALL HUMANS.   Woof woof woof    bark   howl bark  bark woof woof  Dirty stinken officer able to tarnish the BADGE of PROTECTION and he doesn’t go to jail and he gets a pay check.     If i am wrong . . .Then never mind.


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