Far out man, you saved me some weed.

No i didn’t man i didn’t have time to reef it man

How come man

My dad man, he almost caught me.

Wow man your dad is scary man he kicked my ass the other day man when he caught me trying to climb in your window man

Yeah man I thought he went to church man

Far out man my old lady tried to make me go to church man

Wow man what happened

I came here man choke choke.

Hey man i can give you some old church papers to take home so your old lady won’t know man

Wow far out man where are they man

Choke  choke  In my father’s car man

Wow man when is your dad going to be back man

Man i think he went on a business trip man choke  choke  i think he is coming  choke home next week  choke man

Man  choke i can’t stay choke  here til then choke choke choke the old lady will hit me with that stick again man

Man she gets pissed at you a lot

I know man i think she’s on the rag all the time man

Choke choke

Choke choke

This is far out man




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