Well there you have it . . .I just spent twelve hours correct, changing, adding on and removing, come to find i was working on the wrong draft.

I now have an old pinched nervein my neck screaming at me and my brain hurts . . .

Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do i give up? Yes! for tonight only. I will start again tomorrow.  Only i’m not really sure just what to do. Copy and paste?  Fat chance. I am no good at that,  in all likely hood,  i will lose something or all.  Copy and past in my mind is for well-trained persons who have been doing it for years on a daily basis. Like secretaries. I wish i had a secretary, then my brain would not hurt, hers/ his would.

Frig man . . .All that for nothing.

Well today is tomorrow and i just can’t do it . . .I went back to my computer,  opened my Documents,  and retrieved my story, the real draft of NORA.  Instantly my mind fumbled over all the rewrite, the twelve hours of brain storming, and the hunger to get it just right. I closed the page and walked away.

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

Brain scanning technology is quickly approaching levels of detail that will have serious implications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

after an hour or so, allowing myself time to get over my huge mistake,  i opened my story once again, figuring OKAY . . .Lets get this done. I can do it. I did it once i can do it again. YES.    NO! My brain will not allow me, my brain started screaming at me in a different language and it hurt. I think i will have to wait a month or so . . .


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