Birds . . .We have one here at THEDOGHOUSE.  She is an Eastern Rosella.  Her name is Rufus and she is 22 years old. by the time she reached the age of 15 she laid three eggs. These eggs were not nice oval eggs they were odd in shape, but she kept them and would not allow us to touch them.


They were her eggs so what the hey. Of course they did no hatch, there was no male.  When we bought her she was six months old and we were told that she would speak.  She does not and can not. These birds have short fat tongues. She loves her bath.


But she whistles. LOUDLY, when she wants to eat some toast. Not only does she like toast, she likes: pizza. peanut butter, bread, bananas, grapes, carrots, celery, CHIPS &

Cheese or i will whistle for ever.

CHEESE-PUFFS, cheese, apples, lettuce and crackers.  She is a fun bird who will live for 50 years.


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