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Oops, i did it again.  Messed around inside my settings and tools and lots of other places, trying to change things for people asking why this and why that . . .

Crap i clicked here and clicked there,  i must say i haven’t a clue, as to what i was doing, but i did change some things.

Either way,  the only way i will find out,  is to put out a new post. This is the test post to see just what i did . . .Only thing is, i won’t know until it is too late,  by then,  i will have forgotten what i went click-happy on or in.

Lucky for me this is not a real TEST. I would get a big fat ZERO.   So let’s go see what i did besides screw up my websites trying to please some commentors wanting,  certain RSS,

Nederlands: Firefox RSS lezen

Nederlands: Firefox RSS lezen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and what ever else problems they are having loading my page . . .

After this,  i will leave it up to the individual to fix their own problems, as i told you all several times before i happen to be the number one idiot when it comes to following instructions on how to do something i know nothing about.

At least i still have Zemanta . . .Luck me lucky you.



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