We all know what RESPECT is.

  1. HONOR

And right now the apologist is none other than me.  I need to apologize to you all, in reference to a detailed blog i had written earlier today. This blog was called GOD   WHO IS JESUS. This up-set my mother, which means to me that this may have up-set many other  people.  For this I AM TRUELY SORRY.

I THEDOGHOUSE,  honor my readers,  and have great respect toward you all. After talking to my mother on this matter, i became concerned as to who i may have hurt by my disregard for the son of GOD.

That i think highly of you my readers, i wish to apologize for my lack of concern in this area, which is something i know nothing of.  Yes i have heard the stories of Jesus and Mary for as long as i can remember. Why i choose to ignore Jesus is beyond me, [i think this is fair to say]. Ignore.

My mother became quite hurt with my words. But she did not get mad at me, it was on her face, it was in her eyes, her voice became soft as she said to me, Jesus is God’s son like my son is my son. That was all she had to say to me. I became ashamed of myself, but i still said i will ask the LORD . . .She looked into my eyes. Then something in me made me tell her, maybe not,  maybe i do not want to know if Jesus is real . . .Maybe i will be afraid, i have done many bad things. I used the excuse that in the bible it reads you are not at fault if you do not know. If you have not been taught. [That was a very silly thing to say to my mother], she sent us to Sunday School every Sunday for almost five years of my young life.

I did not mean to hurt or up-set any one, but i have. Please forgive me . . .

But that i am a dog,  i am going to up-set plenty of people by saying, [which my mother agrees], that i do not believe in CHRISTIANS. This is good-by my mother, this makes her happy. Which in turn makes me happy. Even Jesus could not call himself a christian.  And people who call themselves Christians are putting judgement upon themselves. The bible says judge not and ye shall not be judge. These people calling themselves christians are passing judgement against themselves.

Jesus was a kind man . . .Show me a kind christian. Just because Jesus had disciples does not mean they were christians, it means they were followers of CHRISTIANITY through the son of GOD.

So to my readers,  i apologize for any wrongful things i said about Jesus, and only JESUS. As for making judgements . . .I still have a problem with it. How do we not make judgement?  With the ut most respect i don’t understand, for if i were to say, Hey that guy is funny. Then did i just judge him to be funny, but he really is not. I don’t get it, at least i don’t think that i get it. I THE APOLOGIST APOLOGIZE to you all, forgive me.


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