GOD . . .Do we believe? . . .I believe!

I do not know if i believe the way i am suppose to, but i do indeed believe.

Is he in my life . . .YES!   How can i tell he is in my life? Because i get answers to many things that i ask of him. How do i know the answers are from him? Because it is only him that i ask.

GOD is.  I know people say there is no GOD that we are our own GOD. They also say it is the power of prayer. [This must be the magnet thing], people say we are connected to with the universe . . .How does that work?  THINKING POSITIVE.


IS Jesus in my life . . .NO!  I do not know Jesus nor do i know this Mother Mary. [Forgive me of my sins]. For not knowing. But i believe in what i know. I know GOD. Anything else are stories, and we are taught not to believe everything we read . . .People make things up and or change things to sound better or forget, so they add in. [Was it red or blue, i thought it was yellow]. Well now . . .We have him over here saying it was black.

What do we believe?  If i believe in GOD why not JESUS? I do not know this answer. But i do know,  if i prayed enough and demanded, pestering God to answer me if JESUS is as real, as he is, God will show me . . .HOW?   How will GOD answer me?

Through vision. This is much easier on humans.  We can handle visions, where as we can not handle a voice coming at us out of the sky. WE WILL FREAK OUT.

I believe if we truly believe in GOD and bug him enough he will show us what we want to know. How do i know this . . .Because i did it and was shown an answer. What was my question?   The true way of Baptisim.

One day MORMONS came to my home to convert my house hold. They said if we wanted to go to HEAVEN we had to be BAPTISED by way of being submerged under water.

I could not believe this underwater. But they kept coming and pressing this matter.  So i prayed and i whined and i asked, i carried on for three days. On this third day i went to the garage to smoke my cigarette, and got LOUD at the LORD to ANSWER ME.

I do not remember exactly what i said, but when i left the garage and started down my drive-way,  as i turned the corner, there in front of me, up on my right was a vision . . 

 A figure of a man,  in the whitest of robes, stood, with another man kneeling in front of him,  his hands were placed on the bowing head.

The Mormans did not like this nor did they believe this, but who would?

If it were you . . .Not me.


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